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The Power Of Women And Their Role In The Restoration Of Biafra

Biafran women hold the country flag during a protest in Biafra Land

Contrary to some school of thought that sees women as weaker vessels, I have measured, with some level of certainty and accuracy, some high degree of dexterity, expertise, ingenuity, and willpower displayed by women in handling situations, making things happen.

I opine that the ability to make things happen does not always reside in the amount of physical strength a person possesses but it is mostly housed in the skill and willpower inherent in the personality involved. 

Many examples abound of women doing exploits both in the time of old and in recent times. 

Women have saved nations and people from destruction and paved ways for triumphs. In the bible, it was Egyptian women that saved the annihilation of the Israelites, when they, having the fear of God, refused to kill the male children born to the Hebrew women as they were instructed by king Pharaoh. And through that act, in addition to the wisdom displayed by his mother and sister, Moses was born, saved and equally nurtured in the King's house, which would have been his slaughter ground.

It was also Rahab that saved her family from imminent destruction when she hid the spies from the camp of the children of God, Israelites. 

It was Esther that saved Mordecai and the Jews when Haman sought to destroy all the Jews in the land.

It was Deborah, a prophetess, who also judged Israel and saved them from the hands of Jabin king of Canaan, who with chariots of iron and mighty hand oppressed the children of Israel for twenty years.

Coming to our time now, women still abound in exploits. 

Contrary to the school of thought of the missing president of Nigeria who holds the opinion that women are only good in kitchen and bedroom matters and services, I see that most women have loosed the kitchen and bedroom cords that limited them and have advanced to enviable status and responsibilities in the society, which can not be over-emphasized. 

Mrs. Okonji Iweala of Nigeria managed one of the fastest growing economies in Africa during her time as the Finance Minister in the term of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as the president of Nigeria. Although President Buhari assumed power and refused to consult the bank of intellect residenced in her - to the country's detriment which is obvious in its snail speed in overcoming recession.

Hillary Clinton who has served USA in different capacities, even as the Secretary of State, although did not win the 2016 presidential election, is another example of women who have made things happen. Although she made mistakes as any other human could have made yet she did display some high level of willpower that garnered support for her presidential ambition.

What about Theresa May of UK? She is the Prime Minister that succeeded David Cameron. When David resigned because of Brexit, May took over and said: "Brexit means Brexit". While David could not handle Britain's exit from the European Union and make it profit the Brits, May ventured in with a positive attitude to the exit maintaining that there's no going back. 

Angela Dorothea Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005, also the leader of Christian Democratic Union. She started serving as a spokesperson and has now served in different capacities making things happen in the country. 

It is evident that when women decide to embark on a task, they hardly chicken out. They are strong-willed and not weaker vessels as they are called. 

That reminds me of Aba Women Riot of 1929. 

When the British thought that they could sideline women in politics, they met the resistance of their life. 

The British ignored women-headed institutions thereby boycotting them politically and socially and at last introduced Direct Taxation which became the immediate bone of contention. 

Women from all over Biafra land had to stage protests demanding the resignation of the Warrant Chiefs who enumerated even their livestock for taxation. Although the protests were initially peaceful but turned violent when two women were killed but the likes of Madame Nwanyeruwa tried to hold the protest from escalation. 

The women present in the protests were majorly from six ethnic groups Ibibio, Andoni, Orgoni, Bonny, Opobo, and Igbo and they successfully forced many Warrant Chiefs to resign.

So, in the struggle for Biafra, just as we have seen that women can make things happen, women should not see themselves as the weaker vessels they are called. I want to urge them to stand up and refuse to be relegated to the kitchen and bedroom. I urge women to know that 1929 protests resolved the issues of that moment and a peaceful replica of such is not ill-conceived. 

I believe that when women stand by their husbands and children, quicker success is realizable in this Biafra Agitation.

The things that are happening in Nigeria of today are far beyond the causes of 1929 revolution. At that time Fulani Herdsmen were not killing Biafrans in their homes, farms and villages. Security operatives were not in the business of molesting citizens, mounting roadblocks and extorting money from road users. 

Kidnapping citizens in the night in the form of arrest and executing them extra-judicially was far fetched. 

Treating Biafrans, both men and women, as third-class citizens was not in the picture. Only that women's roles in the society, their participations in societal developments were distorted, the women of 1929 went to submit their displeasure, forcing equity and fairness to return to the society.

Biafra Women, it is time to get discontented with the killings of your children and husbands by Hausa-Fulani herdsmen and Nigerian security operatives. It is time to display your discontentments and disapprovals by fully supporting your husbands and children in their quest for freedom. It is time to get organized and fight to free your unborn children. 

I want you to decide in this August Meeting of this year that your next August Meeting shall be in a free State of Biafra. It is achievable when you come out because once women come out for something, the world will shake and they don't rest until victory is achieved. 

Therefore, talk about Biafra in your meetings and decide to be free because it is only freedom that can guarantee your reintegration into platforms that allow you express your potentials, expertise and ingenuity. Take a step today and see tomorrow shapened for you and your children; your dignity and honour as women restored back to you. No more shall Hausa-Fulani herdsmen rape, brutalize and kill you, your children and husbands in your own farm lands.

Written By Mazi Edozie
For IPOB Writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers


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