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Pa Edwin Clark: 90 Year Old Man Intoxicated By New Wife's Wine Shouldn't Betray The Future

Pa Edwin Clark

Edwin Clark is an elderly Man from Ijaw clan of old Eastern region otherwise known as Biafran territory, originated from the ancient Bight of Biafra. Clark has been a pro-Nigerian project and has demonstrated that in different ways both in the illogical and illegal seizing of Ndi-Igbo properties after 1967-70 Biafran war.

Pa Edwin Clark is immensely benefiting from the unworkable union of Nigeria. He was among the vultures that shared the hard-earned properties of Ndi-Igbo in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) and termed it ‘Abandoned Properties’.

Now that the agitation for the Biafra Republic has dominated the mainstream news, he (Clark) is shivering over losing his ill-gotten wealth. He is afraid that Igbos will demand the return of abandoned properties which he has emasculated for himself and for the newly married wife.

No wonder he was quoted saying that “Nnamdi Kanu should be re-arrested.”  According to him, re-arresting Kanu will quell the fire of Biafra restoration. Arresting Kanu will also allow him to drink his newly married wife's fresh wine in peace.

Clark has been collecting criminal amnesty stipends for years without showing any tangible project in Niger Delta. He has formed many groups from Niger Delta Elders to Pan-Niger Delta Elders Forum, PANDEF.

It is known that the sixteen point agenda presented to the Nigerian government by PANDEF was dead on arrival yet this dishonest man continued to milk the Niger Delta resources through his resource control mantra.

On 3rd of August 2017, Osinbajo the supposed acting President of Nigeria doled out a huge amount of money to bribe Edwin and his cronies, and after collecting the money he immediately called off the ultimatum given to federal government to implement resource control.

Clark locked Niger Delta youths in a cell and threw the key into the Atlantic ocean. Though some of the youths have to manage to break the yoke and started reasoning. They have started asking Elder Edwin Clark why he has stolen their future.

What will Kanu’s arrest benefit Edwin Clark apart from maintaining the status quo? Will Kanu’s arrest provide him with extra viagra or youthful energy to service the new wife he married at the age of ninety?

What Clark should be thinking now is what Niger Delta will look like in the next 20 years and beyond. What is he preparing for the generation unborn? Militancy? Creeks bombings? Pipeline vandalism? Cultism? Jungle living? Oil spillage? Is he going to eat everything today and destroy tomorrow?

Oil drilling is the process of extracting hydrocarbons from earth (soil). Has Edwin Clark measured the environmental impacts of siphoning 2.1million barrels of crude every day from Niger Delta region? Does he know that our environment is already damaged because of this oil exploration? Does he know that earthquake will visit the region in the nearest future due to unchecked activities in ripping-off the earth's deposits?

The whole of South-eastern Nigeria will be abandoned the way Nigerian government abandoned Olibiri oil well in Bayelsa state. Oloibiri town was destroyed by Shell Petroleum company after the first commercial oil well was dried up. Niger Delta will be a burden to whomsoever it's sharing a country with at that time.

Kanu represents light and freedom while Pa Edwin Clark represents darkness and bondage. It's the duty of “we” Niger Deltans to scrutinize very well whom we should follow. Are we to follow a man who will negotiate 13% resource control or the man who will give us 100% resource control? The man who doesn't care about environmental issues or the man who acknowledged the beauty of mother earth?

We shouldn't let ignorance swallow the preparation of a safe environment for the incoming generation. Edwin Clark is already leading us to an early grave and the earlier we retract our movement, the better for us.

All the agents of divide and rule employed by the Nigerian government and her sister culprit, Shell Petroleum Company must fail. Pa Edwin Clark must be disgraced in the public and the youths must stand tall and demand for what truly belongs to them.

To the anti-Biafra Niger Deltans, Biafra might not entice you but Nigeria is not an option. Instead of being a slave in rich Man's country, we rather become rich in poor Man's country.

The Biafra Republic has come to our rescue and we cannot afford to miss this opportunity, the clan from which the pilot evolved from isn't needed now, what is paramount is our safety.

Peace be upon good people of Ijaw clan, Asari Dokubo, Nigerians of goodwill and Biafrans at large.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers


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