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International Law Must Prevail For A Biafra Referendum

A referendum is an international practice in which an indigenous people can apply to determine their future political and economic inclination. In general, a referendum is an electoral device in which a law can be either accepted or repealed based on the popular vote of people.

United Nations made it clear in her resolutions that self-determination is an inalienable right of indigenous people to determine where they want to belong, either in the parent country or possibly, new state.

As Biafra fire remains unquenchable, it has gotten to a situation where a distress call must be made to international communities and other human rights organisations. The world must rise to the occasion and defend her established laws.

The speech made by Buhari on 21st August 2017 about non-negotiable stance and indivisibility of the Nigerian state, is a threat to humanity and the world at large. His focus was Nigeria’s unity as a geographical entity and not the well-being of the people trapped in the Nigerian contraption.

Buhari’s anti-people speech has woken up the dead and the living. Even Arewa Youths who by default are championing ‘One Nigeria’ agenda also disagreed with Buhari on the so-called forced Nigeria unity.

After Buhari’s anti-people speech, the leader of Arewa youth coalition held an emergency meeting and after the meeting, he was quoted saying: “The president just came back from his medical vacation. In normal circumstances, one should have expected him to take some time to have a clear review of situations in the country after spending 103 days abroad.

“His statement is a welcome development to some extent because there are issues; the unity of the country is being threatened. I think the focus of the president was basically on the threat to our national unity and those were the key issues he spoke about. In addition, that we would no longer tolerate anybody undermining the security of the country. Certainly, agreed, it should be that way as he felt. But I feel also that on the side of the international law to which Nigeria is a signatory, it is expected that government must create an exit door for those who feel they want to leave through a referendum and as stipulated in the 1999 Constitution.

“It would not augur well if we insist on living with people who do not want to be part of the country and they keep threatening the unity of the country. It may even appear to the international community like a mockery.

“If the government is up and doing, let us abide by the demands of the international law by creating an exit door for those agitating for self-determination,” Shettima said.

From the above statements, I think salvation is knocking on the door of Arewa people. They have noticed that they stand to gain a lot from Biafra emancipation, at least it is better to be a good neighbour than to kill each other in a British zoo reserve.

Other patriotic Nigerians should join hands to pressure Buhari’s government to organise a referendum for Biafran people. Violence will not pay anybody good, it will be a total destruction of Nigeria and her people.

International law must prevail on Biafra referendum, Britain did it for Scottish people, Britain also exercised it on Brexit which saw the smooth exit of Britain from the European Union.

Eritrea got her independence from Ethiopia through a referendum in April 25th, 1993. They became a sovereign nation on 27th of the month at the same year.

There are many countries who got their independence through referendum and Biafra case won't be an exception. Biafrans yearn for freedom and total freedom must be ensured.

By Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers.
Published by Jonas Rafeal



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