Friday, 25 August 2017 / 09:35pm

Biafra: Igbo-Quit-Notice; Arewa Youths Are Cowards In Agbada


Arewa youths in a dramatic move suddenly withdrew their threat to sack Igbos living in Northern Nigeria. In a press conference reportedly held in Abuja on Thursday evening, the confused youths backed out from their quit notice.

Recall that the coalition of Arewa youths issued a quit notice to Igbos on 6th of June to vacate their region on or before October 1st, 2017. The order has generated several negative reactions which prompted the uninformed youths to swallow their vomit.

Undoubtedly, it is only in a zoological Republic that a group of charlatans will accidentally wake up in the morning and threaten a whole race and got away with it. Nigeria has proven once again that it is a failed state.

What stops the police from arresting the youths? Security operatives especially Nigerian army have gone dumb due to religious and tribal cards playing out in the case of these youths but were eager to respond to their command-in-chief order to massacre unarmed IPOB members.

Once you give a threat to a race, you will be held accountable no matter how you cowardly withdraw your statements, Arewa youths must be held accountable in case of any eventuality.

What about the hate song that is in circulation in Northern Nigeria? Who will withdraw it from the public domain?

As we warn Igbos and other Biafrans to return back to Biafran land, we still call on international communities to hold Arewa coward youths accountable because their Almajiris don't understand anything apart from killing and raping.

Arewa the herdsmen in the Biafran land are causing havoc everywhere, they raped an old woman to death in Enugu, the news surfaced on the Internet today. They also raped a 72yr old woman to death in Edo. We are yet to get the complete information on that and will bring the details of the sacrilege soonest.

Arewa youths should cover their faces in shame and start according to IPOB her due respect for we are steadfast, formidable and courageous. IPOB issues her order and follows it up with immediate effect.

Just IPOB’s 30th May sit-at-home caused Arewa youths a psychological trauma and eventual quit notice, who knows what will happen to them when we, of course, boycott the forth coming November 18th Anambra gubernatorial election?

Biafra is greater than Nigeria and must be restored whether Arewa youths appreciate it or not.

Chinedu Solomon

IPOB Writers


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