Wednesday, August 2, 2017. 11:22GMT 

Fake News Punch, A Dangerous Tool In The Hands Of Murderous Nigerian Government

Before now, I never paid careful attention to the deliberate lies peddled by Punch News Paper until the issue of Kanu's visit to Owerri surfaced on social media.

The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu visited Owerri on Friday 28th July 2017. He was received in a heroic manner, the people of Imo state shut down the whole city of Owerri in grand style. The people of Owerri and its environs were singing in jubilation and in that particular visit, Kanu used that opportunity to have a talk with Owerri traditional rulers.

Many news platforms in Nigeria reported the event as a heroic one. Vanguard, Daily Post, Premium Times and other news platforms never doctored their reports, they presented the matter the way it was but it was a different case with Punch News Paper.

The story of Owerri visit changed immediately after federal government cum Rochas Okorocha, the APC governor of Imo state paid Punch Chief Editor a huge amount of money received through a check, packaged in a brown envelope.

As the rally was still going on in Imo state, Punch media platform came up with another faceless group called “One Nigeria group”. According to Punch, the group held a press conference.

Punch said: “At a press briefing in Owerri on Friday, the coordinators of the various youth bodies, Azunnaya Andrew, Emeka Igwe, GTC Samuel and Jeff Nwoha, said they would resist any activity or programme which seeks to threaten the country’s sovereignty.”

They (Punch) went further to report that: “Andrew said the youth group which he coordinates was totally against any move which will put to question the unity of the country.”

Punch didn't stop their lies at this level, it also went further to say that: “The youth leader said, One Nigeria Group stands for the oneness of Nigeria. “We totally condemn the pro- Biafra rally, which is going on in Owerri now, and which is being conducted by one Nnamdi Kanu.”

From the above reports, it is crystal clear to even a new born baby that Punch newspaper is working for the murderous Nigerian government. It's very obvious that the origin of Fake News in Nigeria is Punch. They are brown envelope journalists, there is no professionalism in their work of journalism. After a thorough investigation and research, we could state categorically that those above-mentioned people and group by Punch do not exist. They only exist in the pages of Punch newspaper.

This media platform (Punch) was among those who peddled the lies about IPOB factions sometimes last year. They created faceless RIPOB and so on and so forth.

Until the faceless groups fizzled out, we never heard about their manifesto, holding meetings, televised press conference, holding rallies and other activities that showed a lively organisation.

The same Punch Newspaper has contributed to the 95% successes in Bokoharam onslaughts in North East Nigeria; precisely Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states.

Punch was used to downplay the activities of Boko Haram and misinformed the public. They continued laundering the images of Nigerian murderous army while innocent people bear the brunt of the whole situation.

Just a few days ago, Punch was the first to tell members of the public that the Nigerian army rescued the abducted UNIMAID oil workers in Borno state. On the contrary, Bokoharam released a video showing the same oil workers still in Bokoharam haven in Sambisa forest.

The Nigerian army was able to rebuke Punch newspaper after Bokoharam showed the world how fake news has eaten deep into the fabrics of Punch newspaper. Bokoharam seems to be more sincere and with integrity than Punch newspaper.

Intro to 2015 general election, Punch was the first newspaper to repackage General Muhammadu Buhari as a democrat during 2015 electioneering campaign. They and their foreign counterparts repackaged a bloody dictator and sold it to Nigerians but what is happening today?

Punch has jettisoned the main agenda of professional journalism, they have stabbed the people at the back and have enthroned mind control propaganda tools learnt from other fake news mainstream media.

Currently, the world is battling with the mainstream media propaganda. MSM has manipulated the minds of the people to the extent that people addicted to their lies now accept rape as a cultural activity.

It is no doubt that Punch Newspaper is one of the mainstream media in Nigeria and much attention needs to be paid to their reportage, and from the journey so far, it is a bag of garbage. In short, it is not even good for a toilet paper because it will corrupt the defecating channel.

The same type of lies peddled by Punch newspaper is what some American Media exhibited during Donald Trump’s campaigns. FakeNewsCNN like FakeNewsPunch intensified their propaganda and released all their arsenals but at the end of it all, they failed woefully.

Biafrans, it is your turn to pursue FakeNewsPunch bumper-to-bumper. Are you going to allow Punch ruin all you've laboured for? If “No” is the answer then you must boycott PUNCH newspaper.

 They are rotten eggs, they smell like sulphur gas, their tail is like that of a poisonous scorpion, their tentacles stretch like that of octopus, their teeth are as sharp as that of a shack and their genetic code is so contagious to other species.

Nigerian people should also boycott Punch newspaper if really they want to ascertain the level of harm done by Bokoharam in the Northern Nigeria. Punch newspaper is a dangerous tool in the hands of the murderous Nigerian government. They always provide cover for Nigerian army, even when army embarks on human rights violation mission including extra-judicial killings, torture, rape, etc.

Punch exonerated the murderous Nigerian army in human rights atrocities but the USA knew that Nigerian military officers are murderers. No wonder Senator Leahy took to his website on 1st August 2017 and said: “We Will Not Fund Rapists And Murderers Of Nigerian Army”

Boycott Punch newspaper, stop following them on Twitter and Facebook, even when you do, spam every of their news with #FakeNewsPunch hash tag.

We all knew very well that this is roasted corn period, check the paper the seller is wrapping your corn with, if it is Punch newspaper, please reject it for your own good. Your children may start reading the contagious paper after eating the corn, so in order to be on the safe side, boycott everything that has to do with Punch.

Biafrans, as we work towards the restoration of Biafra, we must desist from any act of sabotage. Reading Punch newspaper now is an act of sabotage and until further notice, Punch Newspaper remains a known enemy of Biafran people.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers
Published by Jonas Rafael


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