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Biafra, The Keyless Door-Lock That Ends The Terrorists Fulani Herdsmen  And FG Collaborations

When a State's government is unable to secure the lives of its citizens, certainly, loss of confidence in the country becomes inevitable.

As a Mechanical Engineer and a one-time HSE officer, the first thing I consider before embarking or continuing in a job, task or assignment is safety. In fact, because of the value I expect should be accorded on safety, in my university final year project, I chose Safety.

In the project, I worked interactively with all my lecturers, visiting each of them in their offices, getting to know the anomalies in their offices as well as the challenges they faced.

Although working in an office is considered relatively safe, officer workers face occupational hazards that include eye strain, overuse syndrome, headache, trip and falls and manual handling injuries, hence I embarked on the project to ensure greater safety, efficiency and productivity for my lecturers because approximately 90% of their time is spent in their offices than in the lecture theatres.

I researched some office working conditions and standards and compared them with what was obtainable in my lecturers' offices but I found out, to my utter dismay, that the discrepancies were high. To such extent that some of our lecturers used to defecate in the bush because the convenience rooms meant for them were sorry state - so dilapidated that if used would cause some bacterial contractions.

In correcting the anomalies found, we made many recommendations and one of them was financed by us, which was the installation of keyless door-locks on their doors, which ensured restricted access to their offices.

My colleagues also installed automated gates at the official departmental entrances. Such gates locked themselves at a particular set time usually 4pm and opened by 8am hence restricting access to the offices after 4pm but allowing only lecturers with the secret code to open the gates afterwards.
This was done because at that time students dropped into lecturers' offices at godly and ungodly hours, thereby not allowing the lecturers breathing space to attend to personal matters like researches or even leisure.

Moving away from safety in lecturers offices and looking at Nigeria now, it is obviously incontestable that Biafrans are not safe in the country.

Apart from the fact that Biafrans do not have good roads, constant electricity, good water, reliable hospitals and health-care centres, etc, it is no longer news that they are almost daily killed by Hausa-Fulani Herdsmen and the government of Nigeria demonstrates indifference.

The conditions Biafrans have been subjected to have become so unbearable that separating from the rest of the country is the only prudent option that guarantees safety for Biafrans.

Apart from Boko Haram terrorism, Fulani Herdsmen militia, the third deadliest terrorist group in the world(according to World Terror Index), has shown more temerity in destroying the lives of Biafrans in Nigeria.

The worst part of it is that the federal government under General Muhamadu Buhari has been incapacitated both in body - to chair the country, and in will to defend the people. He(Buhari) has been indifferent to the onslaught perpetrated by the Herdsmen who invade Biafran lands and farms, destroy the farms with their cattle and kill the people when they revolt.

The unfathomable part of it is that the Herdsmen announce their attacks dates and time, which should give any responsible government that prioritizes security of its supposed citizen's ample opportunity to quell such barbarism yet both the state government and the federal government are unfortunately indisposed to assuage such unruly evil.

Not only do the irresponsible governments and their security operatives fail to ensure safety for Biafrans beforehand, they also fail to arrest the culprits after carrying out their carnage.

Arresting them, at least, should go along way to stopping others from towing their paths but because they have been left to enjoy freedom, their audacity has been fortified. And because nothing has been done to curb their excesses, they have mustered much foolish boldness to attack whenever they feel like.

It is in my honest opinion that such barbarism, as demonstrated by Fulani Herdsmen, should be followed up with military interventions in order to save the helplessly unarmed Biafrans or at least the law should be allowed to take its full course on them. But that is not the case. On the contrary, the governments have patted the backs of these terrorists, romancing and appeasing them with Biafrans' oil money. Even governors from Biafran land, who are bent on advancing their political chances before Hausa-Fulani at the expense and blood of their fellow brothers and sisters, are found subscribing to such irresponsibly unconstitutional cowardice.

Like in our lecturers' office safety anomalies mentioned above, there abound many anomalies in the Nigerian state but I pinpoint Herdsmen's barbarism and government's nonchalance and collaboration in this piece. Because I see government's silence as collaborative.

The thought of the federal government of Nigeria leaving Fulani Herdsmen who are carrying out announced and unannounced deadly attacks on the rest of the citizenry but quickly ordering the shooting and arrests of unarmed peaceful pro-Biafran activists who pose no harm to anybody sickens me.

It raises much concerns picturing the fact that the lives of Biafrans are not only threatened by Hausa-Fulani Herdsmen on daily basis but also targetted by the government of Nigeria and its security operatives. It is a source of heartache to any Biafran that is fully composmentis. It suggests to Biafrans that arms-way (retaliating and defending themselves when offended with arms and ammunition since the governments are not only unready to save them from herdsmen attacks but also make them targets of unlawful arrests, detentions, execution and massacre) is one of the sure routes to cope in Nigeria, although Biafrans may not be disposed to such option now. Instead, they are choosing to opt out of any union with Hausa-Fulani, which is the only guarantee for safety for Biafrans from both the Nigerian government and its Hausa-Fulani herdsmen collaborators in crime. And Biafrans want to do that peacefully as recommended by the international community.

And just as I did research to find out that my lecturers were not safe in their offices hence less productivity and effectiveness was inevitable, so has Nnamdi Kanu done research and found out that we Biafrans are not safe in Nigeria, hence we are exhibiting badly reduced productivity, and therefore, we must find some safety measures.

And that safety measure is to install a keyless door lock that restricts Hausa-Fulani access to Biafran lands, farms and people so that the sustained killings will be abated, just as my lecturers' offices were secured with keyless door-locks whose codes were only known to the lecturers and those that they chose to give, hence the offices were only accessible to them and whoever they chose to allow entrance ( depending on whom and time).

Like the lecturers, Biafrans want to take control of their offices (lands, farms and people). Enough of intrusions that threaten to exterminate them. Enough of the governments that can not secure their lives. Enough of the government that targets them and massacres them even in peaceful assemblies or protests.

This keyless door-lock is obtainable through both peaceful and violent means but as said above, Biafrans, as peaceful people, have chosen the path of peace which is a referendum.

And the quickest way to get this referendum is through civil disobedience which is recommended internationally as a good approach to drive home an agitation, of which boycotting elections in Biafraland is one of. And the leader of the Biafran struggle, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has ordered such boycotts, in Biafranland as a whole, and in the forth-coming Anambra gubernatorial election coming up on November, 18th this year.

Therefore, as has been ordered by the leader of the Biafran struggle, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, let every Biafran adhere to this order and make good use of this opportunity to get a referendum and forever stop Hausa-Fulani herdsmen's rampage.

No one should think of Restructuring the Nigerian state as a favourable option to Biafrans because the same federal and state governments that kept mute to our plight, massacred us in number and arrested us with concocted false allegations, will still be the ones to govern us in a restructured Nigeria.

A word is enough for the wise! BIAFRA is the Keyless door-lock with a secret code that best stops Hausa-Fulani herdsmen attacks and restores safety, peace and progress to Biafrans because it is only in a safe environment that one can develop, prosper and command productivity.

(This article is written by Ogu Edozie, Edited and Published For IPOB writers)


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