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Biafra: Rearrest Nnamdi Kanu And Plunge Nigeria To Second Civil Unrest

Biafra Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

The cloud is getting heavier and only the wise weather forecasters can envisage whether the weather will permit a good atmosphere or stormy climate.

The federal government of Nigeria has reportedly started her second phase madness, the first madness almost destroyed Nigeria and the same incompetent government didn't learn her lesson.

On the 25th day of August 2017 the Attorney General of the Federation in a statement called for Kanu’s Rearrest.

According to Vanguard's report dated 26th August: “A statement by the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, which was signed by his Special Assistant, Mr. Salihu Isah, yesterday, listed various grounds which necessitated the call for Kanu’s arrest.

“The government in an application which had the name of the Lead Prosecuting Counsel, Mr. Shuaibu Labaran sought an order to revoke the bail granted to Kanu on April 25, 2017.

“According to the government, Kanu had in furtherance to the offence he was charged, inaugurated Biafra Security Service adding that such an act was a grave threat to national security and unity of Nigeria."

It should be noted here that the same Nnamdi Kanu they are calling for his rearrest was a man who had been discharged and acquitted of all offences and charges levelled against him by the DSS. Federal High court in Abuja had released Kanu unconditionally but Buhari disobeyed the court orders.

Recall that the Federal High Court in Abuja on Thursday 17th December, 2015 discharged and acquitted the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu. The court headed by Justice Ademola Adeniyi found Kanu innocent and had no option than to set him free.

Also recall that Magistrate Shuaibu Usman struck out all criminal charges levelled against Mr. Kanu on 16th December, 2015 after counsel to the State Security Services, Moses Idakwo, filed for discontinuation of the matter on the instruction of his client.

“Mr. Usman said since the SSS, through its lawyer, had filed for a discontinuation of the case, he had no option than to discharge the accused."

Buhari the Dictator-in-chief disobeyed all the court verdicts to free Kanu and continued to flout those charges with impunity.

Is it not the highest level of hypocrisy for the federal government of Nigeria to start calling for Kanu’s Rearrest now? The same court they disobeyed can not be a canopy and a shield to commit the unthinkable.

Why is the federal government of Nigeria trying to tell us that a section of the country is a sacred cow?

Arewa youths and her Elders are out there committing all manner of inhuman acts, calling for extinction of the whole Igbo race and federal government kept mute.

Dr. Junaid Muhammed and Prof Ango Abdullah are among the backbones of Igbo-Quit-Notice issued by Arewa youths and they are moving freely without law taking its stance on them.

Now that the United Nations has petitioned Nigeria before ECOWAS and AU, will Buhari, Arewa youths and her culprits Elders be arrested? The answer is “yes”. They must be arrested and jailed for hate crime and other human rights offences.

Kanu is a genuine freedom fighter and hasn't violated any human right of Arewas and other Nigerians, arresting him is not in the interest of the Nigerian people, rather a stepping stone to second civil war.

I was marvelled to witness a northern elder who reason humanly and has admonished Nigerian government to jettison the idea or any attempt to rearrest Kanu or plunge Nigeria to civil unrest.

On Wednesday 30th August, 2017 a former Military Administrator of Kaduna State, Col Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, Rtd, advised the Nigerian Government against the plan to re-arrest the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, and other agitators behind him, saying, ”It will be a tragic mistake to treat them as common criminals.”

According to Abubakar Umar “Reports in the media indicate that the Federal government has asked the Federal High Court in Abuja to revoke the bail granted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and have him rearrested.

“This is both dangerous and politically unwise. Mazi Kanu is not a common criminal as the government appears to think. On the contrary, he is a bitter young man fighting for a fairer deal for his Igbo kinsmen."

This former military Governor, Abubakar Umar has seen it all, he knows that Nigeria will lose the fight against Nnamdi Kanu and his peaceful IPOB movement.

The question is: “will Buhari adhere to this advice from a fellow military officer?”

The Nigerian state is highly tensed and any attempt to Rearrest Nnamdi Kanu will be met with great resistant force - both from freedom fighters all over Nigeria and the common man in the street. It will be a chain reaction and will continue its spontaneous emissions until Nigeria is removed from the world map.

Rearrest Nnamdi Kanu And Plunge Nigeria to second civil war! I rest my case!

By Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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