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Biafra: Pa Edwin Clarke to Expunge Selfishness And Slavery Mentality For Resource Control

Pa Edwin Clark

Old Age has a way of affecting people's reasoning. If you have stayed with old people before, you will agree with me that it is sometimes poisonous.

It was reported that Pa Elder Edwin Clark opined the following about Biafra Agitation and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra:

 According to Vanguard, he said, in part: “I think Nigeria is one country, we cannot break up. My advice to those beating the drum of secession is to take it easy.

"These boys who are going around, and led by Nnamdi Kanu, some of them were not born at that time, and if they were born, they were very little children

"There is nowhere that youths will take over the administration of a place and it is very irresponsible for Kanu to say there will be no election in Anambra State in November. He should be arrested and detained" Pa Edwin Clark maintained.

But I think his age, his selfishness, slavery mindset and unwise reasoning have a lot to contribute to his betrayal position.

When people get old, their brains tend to retard and what may ooze out of their retarded brains may tend to be more senseless than sensible and logical, more hopeless than hopeful, more present than futuristic. Such people should not be allowed to chair any reasonable organisation that is heading somewhere because if such people are tested with leadership positions, regret becomes inevitable.

It is majorly in Africa and mostly in Nigeria that old people still dance around the seat of power and that is the more reason we are groping in darkness.

Check Nigeria before Buhari took over and now that he is in charge, you will not be in doubt of what old brain can offer.

Age has alot to contribute in the reasoning capacity of individuals, their outputs and what they embark on. In the Nigerian 1966 coup, what was the age range of the plotters? What about Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu and the likes, what was their age range? How old were David Cameron, Theresa May of Britain, Barack Obama, Donald Trump of USA, Emmanuel Macron of France (just to mention a few) when they assumed leadership positions in their countries? They were/are at the age range when their brains' outputs were/are sour-free.

The old man, Pa Elder Edwin Clarke above 90 now, is badly affected by his age.  His brain's output has gone sour while his age groups like Joe Achuzie are still reasoning well. It is so because Pa Clark has refused to keep tabs with modernity.

When an old professor refuses to align to modernity, he becomes less than an illiterate. He becomes an object of mockery amongst learned colleagues if he vows to maintain the old ways.

The world is advancing every day and people are following up. But if anyone refuses to follow the tempo, he will be left one million miles behind in a twinkling of an eye. That is why the old professor who refuses to modernize will be left to analog while agile ones go digital.

This is the more reason why Nigeria is in the condition she is now simply because President Muhamadu Buhari vowed to invoke "the old ways" in a modernized world, and I'm sure Nigeria will never survive the consequences.

Pa Edwin Clark is sticking to the old way while others have upgraded. He is keeping up with analog in a digitalised world and as such he is a confirmed object of mockery amongst the gathering of upgraded elders.

He is still rehearsing the chorus of 13% whereas his colleagues have subscribed to "100% or NOTHING".

But even as an old man with a brain gone sour, some remnant of normalcy is expected to exist in his reasoning but, I guess, selfishness will not allow him. How you know is his reaction when the polity is not favouring his pocket.

His clamour for resource control resumed after Goodluck Jonathan left office and you can understand what could have prompted that - somehow Buhari stopped giving him monthly stipends.

Apart from the fact that Pa Edwin Clark is an old selfish man who cares less about his people's predicament, he appears to be very unwise and ill-calculative.

Between a man who pursues 100% and a government which struggles with 15%, which one should you support? Between a government which offers you platforms to excel and allows you total control of your resources and a government which suppresses you, uses your resources to the detriment of your people and environment and refuses to okay your resource control clamour, which one in your good reasoning should you go with? But Pa Edwin takes the one that favours his personal pocket.

It is clear to me that congenital slavery mentality has gotten a greater hold of Pa Edwin Clark, because it is only a born slave that declines opportunity for freedom, because he takes his situation for his portion and the ill-treatments he is meted with as the normal life he should accept.

But it is not only Pa Edwin Clark that is younger than Nigeria, there are many people today who were born slaves but they have broken the cords of slavery to demand their freedom. And such persons are led by  Nnamdi Kanu to the Republic of Biafra where they will assume total control of not just their natural resources but also their human resources and destinies. And it is my humble submission that Pa Edwin Clark should join the train because in doing so, he would have secured a good and safe platform for his unborn generation to triumph on.

Pa Edwin Clark should go and service his brain, keep abreast with modernity, get rid of selfishness and foolishness, embrace reasonings and ideology that favour his unborn children, make a U-turn and join Biafra Restoration movement under Nnamdi Kanu and see his dream of 15% turn to 100%.

As Benue Government Distances State From Biafra, Fulani Herdsmen Strike Harder In The State

The government of Benue state has reportedly cautioned IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, against including Benue State in the proposed Biafra Republic.

The state government, according to Daily Post, said that the state belongs to North Central zone in the current Nigerian structure. The report said that the people of Benue have their own language and traditions different from the Igbos.

But following the statement was an attack by Fulani Herdsmen in Akpagodogbo Otukpa, Benue state, leaving so many people dead and others badly injured.

It was reported that the indigenes of the community clashed with the herdsmen who are in the business of destroying their farmlands with cows.

During the clash, it was learnt that the police took available herdsmen into protective custody to prevent the angry community from descending on them heavily.

This is not the first time Fulani Herdsmen are unleashing mayhem in communities in Benue state as several attacks have been recorded leaving many dead.

These attacks have happened with the government of Benue doing nothing to stop them instead it is busy distancing itself from Biafra, as if doing so will make Buhari order his kinsmen, Fulani Herdsmen, to cease attacking the state.

Instead of taking steps to stop the rampage of Fulani Herdsmen just as the government of Ekiti state has done, the government of Benue is busy patting the backs of the militants.

The government of Benue state should be informed that being part of Biafra is what referendum will decide, it is not what an individual or a governor will do but the people involved. Biafra will not be like Nigeria which forced unwilling people together.

Southern Kaduna and Ekiti state under Gov. Ayodele Fayose have indicated their readiness to join Biafra in an eventual breakup of Nigeria but their people will also attest to that in the forthcoming referendum.

So let the government of Samuel Orthom deploy all strategies to stop the butchering of his people and leave his people to decide for themselves where to be when the time comes. And of course, they will choose light over darkness because Benue people are the children of light and Biafra is their home.

(Written By Mazi Edozie, Edited and Published by IPOB Writers)
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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