Tuesday 29th August 2017 / 09:00pm

BIAFRA: NNAMDI KANU, A "Small Boy" But Master Of The Big Men In Nigeria


One great adage says that great leaders are seeds from above and not by man's dispositions. And wisdom and great visions are of divine, not mankind.

There are some "big men" in Nigeria who have described Nnamdi Kanu as "small boy".

Permit me to highlight few of these big men's speeches that depicted MAZI Nnamdi Kanu as a small boy in their own perspectives.

During the radio Biafra broadcast of this "small boy" called Kanu as ascribed by the big men of the Nigerian State, Governor Rochas Okoracha made a comment that if this boy called Kanu should come to Nigeria and make this his rubbish broadcast that he would deal with him. Behold the small boy has come several times to IMO State but Rochas disappeared from Douglas House, Owerri.

President Buhari, during his first media chat 2015, said: "Do you know that boy called Kanu has lots of criminal offenses? Do you know that he has both British and Nigerian passports but he didn't enter this country with any?" And that was a treasonable felony charge according to Buhari.

Obasanjo once said that they should not mind that boy called Kanu and his IPOB, that they are miscreants and jobless people.

Obasanjo equally said that Nigerians Should do everything to stop that boy called Kanu. And after both of their media wars,  Obasanjo fell sick and was flown to London hospital; in his sick bed he was still crying and lamenting that this boy called Kanu has put Nigeria in a very high jump.

However, Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, said, "tell that boy called Kanu that if he dares come to Ebonyi State, he will be arrested and imprisoned". Behold the small boy went to his state and got him overwhelmed and frustrated.

Mr. Joe Lagos Igbokwe collected his own pregnant envelope from his masters and started attacking the "small boy". He said, "Kanu is a small boy, therefore, he cannot speak and lead the Igbo people" and that "...woe to a Nation whose leader is a small boy".

The president of Ohanaeze ndi-Igbo, Mr. Nnia Nwodo, after collecting his own portion of the brown envelope once said, "Kanu is talking like a boy. He is saying that there will be no elections in Anambra State;  I, Mr. Nnia Nwodo of Ohanaeze ndi Igbo, can not allow that to happen, rather restructuring should be the proper options.

Igwe Achebe, the Obi of Onitsha once said, "that boy called Kanu has no respect for the elders, he didn't consult them, therefore, nobody sent him hence he can't speak for Igbos".

River State Governor Mr. Nyeson Wike once said, "tell that boy called Kanu that River State is not part of Biafra". And the small boy responded by saying "let's vote and know who wins".

The Arewa youths coalition leader, Mr. Yerima Shettima, once said, "who is this boy called Kanu in the field of a struggle if not that the media started praising him for nothing and Buhari created the monster in him by imprisoning him?".

Moreover, these big men adjusted their seat belts when this small boy roared in the court when he said: "go and tell Buhari that he is mad; he can't jail him,  he is not intelligent enough to jail him".

Now it's obvious that this "small boy" is now the nightmare of these BIG MEN especially the big man with big head in Aso Rock. The Small boy's actions have thrown the big men into confusion.

The big men have had meetings upon meetings on how to stop the "small boy", but all to no avail. The most painful part of it is that "small boy" and his "miscreants" have taken over leadership from these big men. People respect and honor this small boy than them. The small boy controls millions whilst the big men control hundreds. Very disheartening!

The small boy had once told the big men to bring their professors for a debate between their 'one Nigeria' and 'Biafra'. But the big men's professors have taken to their heels because they have noticed that the small boy is a full adult in a small skin.

The small boy equally challenged the chief big man with big head in Aso Rock to defeat him with a superior argument about his 'one Nigeria' anthem, not with AK47. But the chief big man with big head in Aso Rock has nothing to offer because his coconut head is empty.

Besides, another adage says, "before you will be greatly accepted, you must be greatly rejected".  The time of rejection is a time to test your resolve, capabilities, weight of your visions and mindset maturity.

Now having realized that the small boy is no longer small as they think,  testimonies become the order of the day from these big men especially of the Eastern region, joining in the vision of the so called small boy.

When the ascribed small boy said, he will go to Lagos and Kaduna for the gospel of BIAFRA if need be, Mr. Wike from River State said, "from the beginning Wike, "Nnamdi Kanu's trip to Kaduna is not necessary for now as things stand; his people still need him and even some of us still need more convictions about his vision". 


I have never believed and supported this man called Kanu. Even though I admire his boldness, his actions have really taught Nigeria bitter lessons they will never forget". For
 The small boy has now become a man with big visions that require better attention.

Igwe Achebe immediately from Onitcha realized himself and spoke concerning Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra, posting that he has good visions and speaks well for his people. The once small boy now has become a leader with good visions.

The Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, equally started confessing his own part of the testimony and he said "Nnamdi Kanu is an extraordinary man,  he is 'unbribable' you can't talk any other thing with him except Biafra, his interest is not money rather freedom for his people. Whatever he says comes to pass, right from the beginning he has displayed fearlessness and still displaying it. The more you try to stop him the more he grows. He controls millions with only his voice. He has won the heart of all the Igbo people even some of us. People obey him than government now. Several governors' meetings to stop this man and his IPOB have proved abortive. We might be pretending that we are not feeling it but It is left with us to call this man and address his issues, for truth can't be hidden permanently".

Extraordinary things have equally been discovered in the small boy. Now he is called a man and an extraordinary being.

Also, Mr. Nnia Nwodo, having noticed the reality of the vision of the so-called small boy, said, "We don't have a problem with MAZI Nnamdi Kanu rather we are angry because he belittled us by calling us Ohanaeze ndi oshi".

Equally, having realized that the ascribed small boy's predictions over restructuring have been fulfilled, Ohaneze has come back to its senses.

It has roared that the federal government is biased in its applications to revoke the bail granted the small boy.

Ohaneze also said that the Attorney-General should respect the oath of his office. And that this man, once small boy, cannot be rearrested under his watch.

Even Mr. Yerima  Shettima currently now has testified that it is not too late for MAZI Nnamdi Kanu to join hands with them to build one Nigeria. 'Once small' boy is now well respected, and matured enough to join hands with big men to build Nigeria - Evidence of divine intervention!

Equally, on 23rd of this August, the ascribed small boy was invited by the big men of Eastern regional Senators for the way out. Even the minister of transportation has advised the big man with big head in Aso Rock to listen to MAZI Nnamdi Kanu. Showing the so called small boy is not small as they called him, rather there is divine uniqueness in him.

Nevertheless, it is now obvious that great leaders are seeds from above and not by man's dispositions. And their visions are always divine and can't be defeated. The more you dare to stop them, the more they become your nightmares and God makes them your physical god by disgracing you before them and the public. Just like the big men in Nigeria, God has now changed the once-called small boy to an extraordinary man and leader. Because challenging God's approved and appointed is equally challenging God Himself.

In addition, I want to make it very clear that BIAFRA RESTORATION IS A DIVINE MANDATE WITH DIVINE BACKUP AND PROVISIONS and NO MAN CAN STOP IT. Let the chief big man with big head in Aso Rock hear this and withdraw his footsteps from the current sniper's plan to kill or re-arrest the extraordinary man called Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Get it right, MAZI Nnamdi Kanu is not a small boy rather he is a divine seed from above, a blessed prophet of this generation. Do the needful immediately by announcing a referendum date and save Nigeria from total damnation

By Onyekachi M. Ogbonnia
For IPOB writers.



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