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The Unbearable Injustice In Nigeria, The Cause Of The Re-emergence Of Biafra

The Arewa consultative forum is complaining so bitterly about the re-emergence of Biafra. They are frustrated and jittery about agitation for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. They are even calling on UN to pronounce referendum. The same call the agitators and other peace loving Nigerians are making. They have also ordered the Eastern people resident in Northern Nigeria to quit; a move I strongly commended, instead of bloodshed, as usual, the quite notice is an upgrade.

Politicians have gone crazy and filled with disbelief; what is actually happening to them is what they cannot define. The civil revolution from the people took them unaware; to suddenly bring to an end their political career by declaring no election is the worst that can happen to a politician. Biafra is revolting and haunting every home. ‘There is fire on the mountain, run, run’ my teacher would shout during my school days.

Business men are drying up; sales are drastically coming down by each dawn and there is no hope of increase. Interstate business has diminished; those in the 19 Northern states don’t freely deal with those in the 10 Eastern states. Quit notice and fear of a possible second civil war has gripped business men and it has affected them so much.

Cooperate bodies and academicians are panting and holding their hearts; nobody knows when it would happen when this artificial and uncertain peace we do enjoy may drift away and a second civil war takes hold. The spirit of Biafra is haunting and anywhere Nigeria goes, the shadow of Biafra follows her.

We writers, journalists and social analysts are on our computer; working harder and working over time. We have studied the public and understood clearly that emotions are tensed and anything could happen anytime. We are holding a fragile Nigeria amidst a storm and it may fall and break into pieces; we are sweating and asking for a peaceful end. Call a referendum because this resurrected Biafra cannot be defeated; she is no longer a human but a spirit struggling for a breath of life.

Political leaders and various leaders are obstinate; they don’t want to face the reality as they keep falsely assuring those frightful selves that everything will be okay. They pay less attention to the people because their flights are already set to depart. They won’t have anybody to lead or any land to claim and by the time they are back, poor citizens have killed themselves and the land by then becomes a wasted land.

The poor masses are barking and staggering with pride; death means nothing to them, Nigeria has been a hell and hence death became a means of rest. There is no hope and there will never be hope, living is worthless and dying for a thing became a virtue. They have found a reason to die and be remembered tomorrow hence in Nigeria only the wealthy men are remembered for their loot.

But before you regret a thing; you should simply know that we all contributed to the resurrection of the spirit of Biafra. This spirit will kill us or spare us into a better state; but which ever gift Biafra gives anyone of us, let us receive it with the atom of appreciation because we are all culprits of the situation. We have in one way or the other resurrected the holy and pure spirit of Biafra; Biafra opposed injustice in 1967 but was confined in the grave until now injustice grew fangs and her resurrection became inevitable.

Arewa youths, since Biafra was confined in the grave how have you fared and appeased the spirit? You killed Bridget, you killed Gideon, you behead Biafrans, and you claim you were born to rule. You have all the infrastructures in your region; you saw Biafra as an enslaved spirit you molest, rape and disrespect, today Biafra has risen to right the wrongs, you all contributed to the resurrection of Biafra because had you opposed injustice, Biafra will still be in her grave.

Politicians; you all contributed to the resurrection of Biafra, today Biafra has targeted your career and you are screaming. Biafra said no more election and it is like the world has come to an end, you all failed Biafra when you never considered justice but busy embezzling our money and syphoning them. Take heart and find solace in the world of culpability.

You business men; you left your duties and faced your pockets, the house you built will expire in hundred years and all the money you made will not go to the grave with you. The world and all its glory is vanity upon vanity. You had the chance to ask questions; pressure those in authority to account but you enjoyed their evil ways and triumphed through them. We all contributed to the resurrection of Biafra.

Cooperate bodies and academicians; you were busy with your foreign tutorials, learning how to read and write new edition grammars. You never used your talent to fight for a better Nigeria rather, you helped evil fester. Instead of seeking a solution, counsel or fight against the Nigerian monsters; writers, journalists and social analysts are bought. When good people keep quiet, evil multiplies. Because of money; we find reason and argument to support this citadel of evil called Nigeria and massage truth, giving false hope and the rest. We are today in the heat; hope we are now aware that referendum is the sacrifice that can appease Biafra? We all contributed to the resurrection of Biafra and must put her to rest with a referendum.

Political leaders are the worst; they piloted us and drove us to the outer space, we are today hopeless and Biafra is another world we have to nurture into the great world. For every single one of us; this is the price of our deeds; Biafra has been resurrected and needs a referendum to put to rest once more. Let nobody complain because we all contributed to the resurrection of Biafra.



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