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Anambra Election Boycott: The Potency Of Sit-at-home To The Biafran Struggle

The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has declared Nov 18th, 2017 a ‘sit-at-home day’. The day the Nigerian government scheduled to conduct Anambra gubernatorial election. 

According to reports, the sit-at-home would be garnished with Nsala (White Soup) and pounded yam (a.k.a poundi). Biafran families will enjoy together again, the way it was done on 30th May sit-at-home.

Boycotting Anambra election is an order that must be obeyed by all Biafrans so as to drive home the demand for Biafra restoration. Though there's a possibility of conducting the election if Nigerian government can summon the courage and fix a date for Biafra referendum. 

What will be the benefits of this election boycott especially to the Biafra restoration?

First, it'll drive home the seriousness of Biafran people to restore their loving dear nation that was stolen from them by the Nigerian government and her British counterpart.

Secondly, it'll expose the leadership failure of Eastern governors. How they've failed to deliver good governance and have successfully enthroned politics of embezzlement. 

Thirdly, it'll expose all the political jobbers in Anambra state who have been hustling to Abuja to assure the Nigerian government that all is well in Igbo land. These political jobbers include Ohaneze Social Club of Nigeria (OSCN), both adult and youth wings. 

Fourthly, it'll expose the Nigerian state as an epitome of a failed state; a state where people have lost hope in the government. A state where government officials such as Buhari, Shehu Sani and Aisha Buhari can comfortably call humans baboons, monkeys, hyenas, jackals and weaker animals without reckoning to the sanctity of life.

Last but not the least, it'll expose the wider gap between the people and government officials. The gap which has continued to render the people poorer, making the masses to swim in the ocean of penury and making the looting government officials richer.

Let us look into the possible actions and reactions that'll result from boycotting Anambra election:

Firstly, the APC, UPP, PDP, APGA and other political parties and their members will fight themselves to death if they try to go on with the election. They'll try to rig themselves up and must end up with chaos which will eventually consume alot of blood. 

Secondly, INEC may postpone the election in order to see if they can convince the people to come out and vote on another date. The postponement may continue till 2019 when Nigerian government will meet the greatest boycott ever seen in human history. 

Thirdly, the current governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano; the murderer-in-chief will run away from Nigeria to a country where he will undergo a torture exile. 

Fourthly, Nigerian government may appoint civilian administrator to take charge of Anambra government. Whether it is APGA, APDA, PDP, APC, UPP or civilian administrator, they will produce the same result. The ultimate solution is to boycott the election and watch them slaughter one another for power grabbing. 

It will be unfair at this critical moment if I don't remember Eastern leaders who delivered people's oriented governance.

Late Michael Okpara and Sam Mbakwe were leaders who never allowed the federal government to forestall Eastern development. These were governors who did carry out projects without giving the wicked Nigerian government a chance to stop them. 

If people like Michael Okpara were still alive, Onitsha Seaport construction would've been a thing of the past. He would have mobilized local and foreign investors to be the Board of Trustees that would dredge river Niger and build a good wharf. 

If Sam Mbakwe were still alive, Imo airport would have been an international airport where cargo and passenger aircraft could takeoff and land.

All the current governors of Eastern region are what could be described as a 'bunch of bimbos'. They all put the wicked Nigerian government first before their people, to the extent that they run to Abuja to take orders from their Hausa-Fulani masters before they could make love to their wives.

It is time to prove to these governors that power belongs to the people, time to tell them that our sorrows can never be their happiness, time to tell them that without “we”, there would be no government. It is time to pay them in their own coins; time to revenge their sending of their sons and daughters to school overseas while our educational system here languishes. This is time to stand up for our right. 

How can we prove to them that we are human? It is by boycotting every election in Biafraland, starting with Anambra November 18th, 2017 gubernatorial election. Let us prove to them that their time is up and the revolutionary tsunami will sweep them like a cyclone disaster.
The greatest mistake that we must avoid like a plaque is to come out and vote again in Biafran land without Nigerian government giving us a date for Biafra referendum. If we should vote without referendum date given, our children unborn will curse us till eternity.

If we boycott Anambra election, our future generations will write our names in gold for delivering them from the Islamic Nigerian government; a government dominated by Hausa-Fulani Islamic fundamentalists. A Bokoharam government whose main focus is abducting Christian girls every faithful day, serially raping them every minute of the day, dehumanizing and converting them to Islam.

Anambra gubernatorial election is a test case for our humanity and we must communicate to the Nigerian government that we aren't baboons, monkeys, hyenas, jackals and other weaker animals. 

Boycott Anambra election for our well-being and for the sake of our future unborn children. 

Biafran people did it on 30th May, 2017 sit-at-home. We can do it again on 18th November, 2017 sit-at-home. Sit back and enjoy your ‘Nsala’ (White Soup) and ‘poundi’. And for those who likes drinking beer, enjoy your ‘Hero beer’ and tell your family Biafra war stories.

(This article was written by Chinedu Solomon, Edited by O. E Williams, Published for IPOB writers)


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