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Restructuring: A Deceitful Word For The Politicians To Salvage Their Personal Interests

The recent events that have come to play in Nigeria, predisposes her to the fact that it wasn`t meant to be united as an entity and therefore she is fore doomed to failure. From its political life to its viability and social life, the ropes that hold the country together are in ruins now, seriously in ruins and in tatters, otherwise, tell me why the country has refused to move forward amidst concerted efforts by some concerned individuals.

To prove to you that Nigeria is not a divine mission but a game, you get to see its major players who are the leaders and politicians jumping ships occasionally and swinging the pendulum for power to suit their self-serving interests and not that of the populace. And the joke continues.  He who deludes or is deluded by Nigeria is no other than a quarry, a fallen elephant.

There is indeed much ado about restructuring an already dead country. As soon as the gong beat of Biafra freedom cum referendum is hitting hard on the delicate and dilapidated tripod stand of the country, players of the Nigerian game are all let loose, singing the song of restructuring once more to see if anything could be salvaged from what they have left in the course of their unmeritorious games. But lest we are counted in, we at the Turf Game, are really out and happily so. The point is that we vegetarians, we don`t do coke or suffer the carnivore`s dilemma.

The engineers of Nigeria unity are now all out, armed with their tools and other paraphernalia to see whether they can panel beat the country into shape, not for the general good but to ensure that their interests are protected. But what they failed to understand is that it`s no longer going to be business as usual because the owners of the land which they have kleptomaniacally plundered all these years are now determined more than ever to take whatever that rightfully belongs to them. Those who once led the charge for true federalism dropped it and entered into Siamese marriage with the most brazen unitarianists Nigeria ever produced when it appears that favour is on their side but whenever they perceive any threat to their personal well-being, they begin with their insincere call for restructuring, unity, peace and what have you...

Was it not APC’s Joe Igbokwe who wrote in reference to Biafra agitators that: “In the struggle for June 12, Abiola was put in detention, and his wife killed. Several Yoruba people were in detention and some hounded abroad. Abiola was eventually killed. But did the Yoruba go to war or resort to self-determination? No, they did not. They fought back using common sense and the power of ideas.”

Well, what can one say, that Joe who is a brilliant engineer by training, is treating human time, historical time, as Newtonian constant, not even an Einsteinian variable. In essence, he has shown incapacity to adjust for the differing references of the events and groups at work and play. Yet, every modern historian knows that given a constant environment, and an event, E, that happened at a time, T¹, and that the exact event is repeated at time T², that mechanically, the same event happened twice. But in historical accounting, they are completely different events. The reason is why man is classified as Homo Sapiens; a creation and creator of cultures.

Now, how could he even equate the alleged denial of Abiola`s spurious mandate with the heartless, Nazi-like mass murder, pogrom, genocide, Gowon and goons planned, visited, orchestrated, engineered and/or inherited against the Biafrans?

In the same vein, it was Professor Wole Soyinka who once canvassed the line of thought, that the Igbo should not have gone to war since it was apparent— they would lose. And that was during the burial of his friend Professor Chinua Achebe. And Joe Igbokwe has fallen under the spell of the wise fable weaver and dramatist, but a poor and wrongly briefed historian. The truth is that the Igbo as he said, did not go to war. We signed a treaty and Gowon, fickle and faithless, even over his own signatures, reneged and brought the war to us. If Igbokwe is too young to know these things, well, let him now grow up. Men grow up by knowing the truth, and not by knowing or enduring the years.

To make it clearer to Igbokwe, if he continues in his way into these slips, into these errors, he inadvertently is committing the worst error of logic. It is the “fallen angel” status of allowing one`s psychology of defeat, to morph into a defeat of psychology. Caesar hanged Christ, but it is Christ, not Caesar, that reigns. Luckily for Joe, being Igbo is a genetic and even more so, a cultural, a sociological, and thus a choice phenomenon. But if Joe Igbokwe wishes to cull himself out of being Igbo, we will reassure him that the gates of heaven will erupt in rejoicing. It will thus leave a lean and more evolved strain, the new elects. And like the Israelis, an "islet" people surrounded by the "archipelago of Arabs", we will successfully defend the heart of our fatherland.

The same goes for Ohanaeze Ndigbo who parades as leaders of salvation with their "restructuring" gong-beats and elections go-getter". You say and discuss an entirely different thing from what the people you pretend to care for are asking for. Just bear it in mind that we are not interested in whatever you have to offer. If you are not for the interest of the people, then it is obvious you are only serving your selfish interest.

So, those pulling various stunts at agitators so as to continue to keep Nigeria as one and undivided should know that their time is up and there`s nothing much they can do at this point in time other than to only allow things to flow its natural course.



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