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Arewa Youths Showcased Ignorance And Illiteracy In Their Letter To The UN

More than one month after issuing a quit notice to Biafrans of Igbo extraction to leave every northern state before the October 1, 2017 dead line,  the Arewa youths have again called on the United NATIONS ( U.N) to pronounce "IPOB" a terrorist organization, while addressing newsman in Abuja on Thursday the 13th day of July 2017 the Arewa youths who converged under the aegis of Coalition of northern groups called on U.N to intervene by initiating processes for a peaceful referendum saying that it was the only option to finally settle the Biafra issue.

According to "Oxford Dictionary" definition of a terrorist is simply a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation especially against civilians in the pursuit of political aims. Hence the question should be how have the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra be referred as terrorism when they are the victims. They are being extra judicially killed by the same people who are pressing that they should be termed terrorists.

 "The Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a  lawful entity been recognised by the world, despite the illegal arrests, tortures and killings of it members and their bodies dumped in shallow graves by the murderous Nigeria security agents.  The Indigenous People of Biafra have never for a day violated any law during this agitation of freedom from the clutches of Hausa/Fulani and the British shadows.  Clearly, Biafrans  are people who seek for nothing but  self-determination peacefully and democratically, why then must this Arewa group of rascals, dominated by illiterates call on United Nations to pronounce them a terrorist organization  when facts have revealed how genuine, organized, lawful and peaceful we have been since the inception of this struggle even in the face of gross abuse we have received from the murderous Hausa Fulani who is otherwise referred also as Arewa youths. They should hold their heads in shame because they are clearly demonstrating the primitive nature of what they really are, hence they are ignorant to history.
Ever since the amalgamation of "1914", the Arewa youths who have the tradition of always murdering and killing  Biafrans have been using violence and intimidation on Biafrans just to gain their political and selfish aims.

According to the press release made by the Arewa Murderous inhabitants and his counterparts I can clearly tell you that the northerners are not only predominantly illiterates, yet they should go back to history and be educated with what a terrorist organization truly is and then compare and contrast about the activities of IPOB and Boko-Haram, Fulani Herdsmen who it is evidently clear they are sponsors and as well as members of this world pronounced terrorists, if not how on earth will an any reasonable human being pronounce IPOB a terrorist organization , does it mean they don't understand the difference between terrorism and freedom fighting?  it's quite laughable, even a primary school student knows very well that what IPOB is doing is not terrorism because we don't kill, in fact, all activities executed has been within the confines of the law.

Meanwhile, as regards to this, I am compelled to ask Why has this barbaric, ignorant, pedophiles called Arewa  not branded Fulani-herdsmen that carry offensive weapons, and has also  killed a lot of families, destroyed farm lands and even rape women in their farms a terrorist or is that not act of terrorism?, even the Arewa youths and its northern coalition or oligarchy as the case may be are all terrorist because they support and  sponsor all kinds of terrorist groups in Nigeria, they destroy and loot properties belonging to Biafrans in the North and kill our people in Kaduna and you think that is not terrorism, if IPOB should be pronounced a terrorist organization by United nations what then should we call Fulani herdsmen and Arewa youths who have time without number killed Christians?

Honestly Arewa youths and its northern coalition are worse than an illiterate, I don't know if it's because of the cattle milk and urine they drink that has reduced their thinking to zero, I can imagine myself living in the same country with the people who wrote this trash to United nations, I  blame the British government for this forced marriage that joined us together with this empty cow brain's.

It's only someone who is insane that will think of pronouncing IPOB  a terrorist organization but in this case should I say that Arewa youths and it northern coalition are insane or they  don't understand simple English and needs to be schooled extensively on how a terrorist organization can be termed as well as activities a particular people will engage before they can be said to be one just as the case of Boko-Haram and Fulani Herdsmen . Ignorant is indeed a big disease.




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