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Biafrans protest on the streets with a large Biafran flag

He who is drowning seeks for even the sea ripples to hold onto in order to be saved;

In recent years, the rulers and political class of the Nigerian state have been totally drowned by the activities of IPOB on their quest to restore Biafra from the grips of the British government and the children of Uthman Danfodio, seeking for what they can hold on to, have resorted to the deceitful term "RESTRUCTURING"

It's high time people started asking questions as to WHY the political class are keen on RESTRUCTURING instead of total BREAK UP of the unworking marriage of the three regions amalgamated by Lugard in 1914. It is time we started asking whose onus it is to restructure Nigeria; it is high time we started asking WHAT is there to be restructured; it is high time we bent down low to look from behind to unveil the evil term RESTRUCTURING which these unruly rulers are clamoring for over Total Freedom of the people; it's time for us to assimilate that RESTRUCTURING is just a continuous political process, and not a means of solving regional grievances and cultural differences which have plunged Nigeria into the state of breakup. It is time for us to look back to history to see the harm restructuring has cost Nigeria.

In time past, Nigeria had passed through series of restructuring which could also be referred to as True Federalism, of which all became an exercise in futility because the regions that made up the geographical space called Nigeria never believed in themselves neither do they see themselves as one. During those phases of trying to restructure what is never a nation, Unitary System of government was as well introduced by the then military ruler which later failed, before finally the current federal system of government which Nigeria runs up-to-date was upheld. 

Remember, all through the period of such restructuring, it was the political elites who were always in disagreement with one another that advocate for restructuring whenever the people lament on the poor state of governance because they wouldn't want to loose grip of their political business offices. 

Having had a little glance at the phases of restructuring in Nigeria, the political rulers have once again started calling for restructuring of the country in other to still keep the masses under their armpit in order to maintain their long held political business offices which they use in oppressing, suppressing and subjugating the masses in the bid to keep the people away from true political happenings in the country. 

The clamour for restructuring is on the lips of every politician recently because they are eager to retain their businesses without thinking or looking down to the feeling of the masses who have been clamoring for total dissolution of the Nigerian state in order to pave way for speedy development both in the countries that will emerge from her and in Africa at large. 

It is high time the people of Nigeria started reasoning deep to understand the hidden agenda behind the call for restructuring by all the political class so as to understand the reason why total dissolution of the Nigerian state is much more preferred than restructuring which had been experimented several times in Nigeria. The masses should take the toes of IPOB and troop out en masse to work in tandem with IPOB to destabilize the oppressive hands of those politicians that have vowed that our light will never shine.

Understanding that restructuring is a deceitful terminology by the politicians will aid the youths to take up their future by their hands and truly work towards becoming the leaders of tomorrow which history has promised. But queuing behind the old and worn out politicians will continually keep us in total darkness, therefore,  to avoid  these lunatic fringe that is geared towards the destruction of the future of the youths, we all have to rise up in unison and work with Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB-led group to emancipate ourselves from the harmful politicians that have tied down the future of the youths in Africa.

Finally, it is the onus of the South East and South South youths to rise up and work together in tandem to liberate the future of the unborn children and to brighten the future of the youths in a country that we will call our own by working assiduously to ensure that BIAFRA is restored in our own time under the care and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB and shun every antics of divide and rule imposed on us by the British government and upheld by the parasitic children of Uthman Danfodio. 

Biafra Referendum loading........

Biafra Exit A Must.

God Bless Biafra. 

Authored by 
Onoja Christian Obinna

Edited by O. E Williams
For IPOB writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers


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