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Election Boycott: November 18th, OFe Nsala Day

Man holds an election boycott placard

It has been a tedious day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month stressful activities as I longed to map out a day for rest at least to prepare a special daddy made soup for myself and my children, lo and behold there came the announcement that all true Biafrans must Boycott the governorship election in Anambra as the day was declared OFE-NSALA day by the leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Not only did I jump up in enthusiasm but I was marveled as the day was declared after the preferable soup I have long desired to prepare for my household which is a perfect confirmation that IPOB is indeed treading on the right path. As I still pant and pray that more events that will make such day a reality should come, as if it were heavenly arranged, the incumbent governor Willie Obiano invited the chief of Army staff, major general Tukur Buratai (the chief genocidist) to his hometown so that they can perfect on how they will molest Biafrans on that said day, as if that was not enough for people to deliberate on the purpose of the visit of the chief of Army staff, Obiano went further to confirm his meeting with the chief genocidist by granting a press release of how he will deal with Biafrans on that day. 

Biafrans, it has become an issue to worry about if you are still dreaming of going out to cast your vote that day because we have been severely warned by Obiano and the chief genocidist through the police commissioner in charge of Anambra state that if eventually anyone tries to come out on that day, what so ever the person sees, such a person should be blamed. 

Therefore, we all must remain in our homes preparing different types of OFE Nsala for our dear families. 

Recall that some weeks ago, Obiano mandated all workers to submit their voter's card or risk their salaries, I, therefore, want to use this medium to highlight on the purpose of such threat

1. Obiano wants to use that your voter's cards to rig his election.
2. Obiano wants to cull your residential address from the cards you submitted so that he can use the military to intimidate you against your wish to enjoy your OFE Nsala on that day.
3. Obiano want to use that avenue to bring himself back to power having known that power has gone back to the people through Nnamdi Kanu's sensitization and unification programs over radio Biafra and Biafra Tv podcasts 

It is said that he who has ear let him hear what the spirit is saying to Christ congregation, my brothers and sisters, don't be intimidated to the submission of your voter's card to Obiano because definitely it will be used against your WILL which is to totally boycott the election. 

As for me, I have started buying my OFE Nsala ingredients so that I can make my soup very rich that day so that I can have enough to give to my neighbors. 

Biafrans, how are you preparing yours?

No Election in Anambra 
No Election in Biafra Land 
Biafra Referendum is what we ask for
Biafra Exit loading......

God Bless Biafra 

Authored by 
Onoja Christian Obinna
Edited by O. E Williams
For IPOB Writers



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