Tuesday, July 25, 2017. 11:42GMT
No Date For A Referendum, No Election In Anambra Nor Any Pace In Biafraland

As Kanu ordered a “No date for a referendum, No election in Anambra nor Biafraland”, we must adhere to it. It is for the good of the people and incoming Biafran generations.
It will be the most foolish thing to vote in an election whose outcome is known. Electorates will risk their lives when voting and at the end, those political office holders will still make life more unbearable for the people. It's fair enough and humanly justified to boycott elections in Biafran land starting with Anambra November 18th, 2017.

Everything in this write-up centred on visionary leaders whose love for the people created a space in the Guinness Book of Record. Kanu is one of those leaders worthy of emulation.

Kanu, through Biafra struggle consistency, has directly given Biafrans a possible hope of Biafran referendum and indirectly given Nigerians (both those who hated him for standing against tyranny) a hope of restructuring. Without Biafra agitation, there won't be anything like restructuring in Nigeria's dictionary.

Just like Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom who loved British people, like George Washington who loved American people, like Mahatma Gandhi who loved Indian people, like Mandela who loved South African people; Kanu loves Biafran people.

Chinedu Solomon
Edited by O. E Williams
Published by Jonas Rafael


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