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It Takes Only One Courageous  Man To Make The Difference For Generations To Come

Many great nations in the world today sacrificed one thing or the other to achieve a greater height of today. Certain individuals took it upon themselves to bring a positive change that is being enjoyed by the people from generation to generation.

When Hitler of Germany planned to invade and destroy British empire in July 1940, the people seemed hopeless. It took the intervention of one man to redeem Britain.

Winston Churchill, the then New British PM made a wise decision to fight back rather than negotiate with Hitler which could have enslaved the British people.

The above reference wasn't an attempt to eulogise insensitive British empire, rather point out an individual who had his people at heart, a leader who thought about the future and safety of his people. In that aspect, Churchill was a great PM.

The American birth, between April 1775 and December 23, 1783, was another instance where a lover of his people's freedom, George Washington, fought Great British Army of occupation in different fronts.

George Washington wanted a government where people would be free to make their decisions and not that of British monarchical system of government where the queen would wake up and influence people's resolution.

The inscription “In God We Trust” was first used by George Washington during American-British war. That is why it has remained America's motto till date.

Washington had his people at heart and fought very hard to give them freedom which they are still enjoying till date.

Coming down to the South Africa’s case, In 1961, Nelson Mandela was arrested for treason, although acquitted, he was later arrested in 1962 for illegally leaving the country. The apartheid government convicted and sentenced him to five years in Robben Island Prison. He was put on trial again in 1964 on charges of sabotage. In June 1964, he was convicted along with several other ANC leaders and sentenced to life in prison.

Nelson Mandela, the leader of the movement that ended South African apartheid government, was released from prison after 27 years on February 11, 1990.

During Mandela’s fight to free his people in South Africa, Margaret Thatcher, the first female British PM, labelled him a terrorist. It never discouraged Mandela from thinking about his people and fighting for their future.

India was not left behind. Another great man who led a movement that incapacitated British government in India was Mahatma Gandhi. Unlike other heroes mentioned above, Gandhi applied the principle of peaceful movement which made him a master of Self-determination.

Through several civil disobediences, Britain granted freedom to India and Pakistan in August 1947.

Gandhi led many protests and his non-violent method weakened the murderous British army of occupation. In the next million years, Indian people will never forget the atrocities committed by British troops. Like Nigeria of today, Britain objected the separation of Muslim populated Pakistan and Hindus populated India.

The next living hero who has his people at heart is Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB. He began his freedom fighting as a MASSOB member.

Kanu opted out of MASSOB when Uwazurike the then leader of the group betrayed the trust people bestowed on him. Uwazurike went into alliance with the Nigerian government - to slaughter his followers like Christmas chickens and later ended up with BIM political party.

Kanu formerly established IPOB in 2013 to continue to fight for his people. Though before then there had been underground works.

Today, IPOB remains the only peaceful movement that has decorum, agenda and perfect implementation. No wonder the Nigerian government is crying like a suckling.

One thing seems to be common among the freedom fighters, the well-being of the people is their paramount concern. They see issues from long-term perceptive. They set up a goal which must be achieved no matter the pendulum of the available resources.

Most freedom fighters who led or are leading a revolution against British colonial manipulations must have studied Britain very well. Mahatma Gandhi underwent his University education in the United Kingdom, George Washington was a British soldier and Nnamdi Kanu spent his academic years in the United Kingdom, Ivory Towers.

The unshakeable resolve of Nnamdi Kanu to rescue Biafrans from immersed Nigerian ship must be supported by all lovers of freedom. People like Ohaneze Social Club of Nigeria (OSCN) must desist from being a puppet in the hands of Arewa youths.

We must continue to adhere to any directive from Kanu. If Mahatma Gandhi could succeed with civil disobedience why won't Mazi Nnamdi Kanu succeed?

As Kanu ordered a “No date for a referendum, No election in Anambra nor Biafraland”, we must adhere to it. It is for the good of the people and incoming Biafran generations.

It will be the most foolish thing to vote in an election whose outcome is known. Electorates will risk their lives when voting and at the end, those political office holders will still make life more unbearable for the people. It's fair enough and humanly justified to boycott elections in Biafran land starting with Anambra November 18th, 2017.

Everything in this write-up centred on visionary leaders whose love for the people created a space in the Guinness Book of Record. Kanu is one of those leaders worthy of emulation.

Kanu, through Biafra struggle consistency, has directly given Biafrans a possible hope of Biafran referendum and indirectly given Nigerians (both those who hated him for standing against tyranny) a hope of Restructuring. Without Biafra agitation, there won't be anything like Restructuring in Nigeria's dictionary.

Just like Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom who loved British people, like George Washington who loved American people, like Mahatma Gandhi who loved Indian people, like Mandela who loved South African people, Kanu loves Biafran people.



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