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Nnamdi Kanu To Osinbajo, Stop Being Busy Doing Nothing

UMUAHIA, 17th June 2017,  It was gathered that the Vice President of Nigeria Prof Yemi Osinbajo held a meeting with some self-acclaimed Igbo leaders over the total compliance by Biafrans on 30th May 2017 sit-at-home order issued by Indigenous People of Biafra leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Prof. Osibanjo who we understand has been under pressure by the Aso Rock cabals to do everything humanly possible to stop the agitation of an independent state of Biafra as championed by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).  But what they failed to understand is that Biafra is not for Ndigbo alone so the meeting can be described as a political jamboree because Biafrans have nothing to do with such good-for-nothing men who don’t see what the future holds for their children in this evil contraption called Nigeria. In a simple description, they are men without shame, who have sold their dignity and honour in return to their greedy and selfish wants.

Speaking to Biafra Writers correspondent, Ejike Ofoegbu, Nnamdi Kanu responded that the said visit by certain Igbo politicians will not stop Biafra from coming. Ndigbo is part of Biafra but what of our brothers from Ijaw, Isoko, Igala, Igbanke, Ibibio and so on. Ndigbo alone cannot speak on their behalf. Osinbajo should go and prepare how to conduct a referendum than deluding himself in a plight to stop Biafra because the coming of Biafra is sure to happen or I cease to live as a man: "Write it down", Nnamdi Kanu proclaimed.

Nnamdi Kanu went on to explain that when IPOB peaceful protesters were gunned down did Osinbajo say a word on that? No, not a word. So he thinks that those people died for nothing? Or he just thinks his visit to Biafraland will cover up all the crime against humanity committed against our people. I don’t think that that man knows who we are, we will shock him with our next move, my name is NNAMDI KANU mark my word, no force on earth can stop the coming of Biafra, talkless of an animal from the Lugardian contraption called Nigeria.

I have not come for war, I’m demanding for the freedom of my people but if they threatened us with a war, we will have no option than to defend ourselves. The center of the British experiment can no longer hold, the marriage is over; we are seeking for our self-determination within the rule of law as enshrined in UN charter and we have asked them to conduct a referendum to let our people decide if they want to remain in Nigeria or not, asking for a referendum is not a call for war. Let them just conduct a referendum, let our people decide If they still want to remain in Nigeria or not, as simple as the air we breathe, dialoguing with South East political jobbers and Igbo politicians will not stop our agitation. The only peaceful way out is to let Biafra go or conduct a referendum, let our people decide.

Meanwhile, Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Emma Powerful, in a statement, said that IPOB viewed the meeting with certain Igbo politicians who were sympathetic to APC as an insult to the sensibilities of Biafrans all over the world, especially the memory of the dead and injured.

The statement read in part: “This meeting we understand was convened at the instigation of the Nigerian Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo following the political fallout from the hugely successful IPOB sit-at-home order of 30th of May 2017”.

“With one or two exceptions and with the greatest respect to the attendees to this Nigeria sponsored gathering in Abuja, the so-called South-East delegation is in no way representative of the views of the leadership of IPOB worldwide, neither can they claim with any degree of sincerity to be speaking for the masses”.

“Therefore all Osinbajo has succeeded in achieving with this meeting is to waste scarce resources that could have been channelled towards more useful purposes. None of those that attended this meeting with Osinbajo gave the order for people to sit-at-home on May 30th. So we are at a loss to understand the justification for their invitation to the meeting to discuss something they know nothing about”.

“In this regard, we wish to inform the government of Nigeria that the gathering and deliberations they thought they had yesterday is a complete waste of time and will continue to be until the Federal Government does the needful. We note and respect the presence of Chief Nnia Nwodo the Ohaneze Leader and two others at that very meeting, however, the rest are nothing to write home about”.

“We do not think that presiding over the distribution of monthly allocation from Abuja qualifies any political office holder to discuss issues pertaining to IPOB and Biafra restoration when the leadership can be directly contacted”.

“Since August 2015 that Nigerian Government and her security operatives, especially the Army, Navy, DSS and Police, have been killing and abducting innocent and peaceful IPOB members, none of the governors that attended this meeting in Abuja rose to condemn the brutal and barbaric repression of IPOB peaceful agitation for a independent homeland for Biafrans”.

“None of them offered any comment in condemnation of the well-documented atrocities despite the existence of overwhelming evidence to substantiate the facts alluded to in the widely received Amnesty Report on the senseless slaughter of IPOB members. How can such persons now go to Abuja to discuss issues bothering on the activities of IPOB when they know nothing about the modus operandi of the organisation. Only IPOB can and will discuss issues pertaining to her activities, not compromised politicians”.

“From the time, we firmly resolved that nobody among the governors or politicians can set an agenda for IPOB except our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The sooner the Nigerian Government understands this, the better. Therefore, any meeting without the consent of our leader or those nominated by him in a representative capacity is a complete waste and unacceptable to IPOB” powerful stated,” it said.



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