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Igbo Quit Notice: Fear Grips Britain And United Nations Amid Nigeria's Imminent Breakup

Biafrans Protest in Germany 

The ultimatum given to the Igbos by Northern youths of Arewa extraction to vacate the region on or before October 1st, 2017 hasn't gone down well with Nigeria's elites and United Nation. 

The binding secret of any gathering or union interests. This interest could be anything considering the context of the usage. It can be political interest, economic interest, financial interest, selfish interest, and many other interests including sexual satisfaction interest.

According to Encyclopedia, “Economic Interest refers to a substantial financial interest in investments, employment, awarding of contracts, purchases, leases, sales, or similar matters”.

Looking at selfish interest, the elites of old Eastern, Western and Northern regions of Nigeria aren't happy with the current development in Nigeria. The elites, out of their selfish interest, have tried to relegate Northern youths ultimatum to an inconsequential position. 

Immediately after the ultimatum, one of the elites, the current Governor of Kaduna state, Mallam Nasir El Rufai, ordered the arrest of the youths which the police haven't done up until the moment of writing this article. 

The position of the northern youths represents the voice of the Northern masses while that of El Rufai represents the voice of the elites.

To solidify 6th of June Kaduna Declaration ultimatum, Northern youths held another meeting on Thursday, 8th of June, 2017. 

The meeting had in attendance all Northern pressure groups, they restated their position to pursue Igbos out of the northern Nigeria and murder stubborn ones who refuse to go. This meeting was also held in Arewa house, Kaduna state.

Before I go on with the elites' fear let me quickly educate the masses what's going on between United Nations, Nigeria and Biafra. 

United Nations is made up of representatives from different countries, namely Germany, USA, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Republic of China and etc. 

UN has a huge economic interest in Nigeria. To worsen the whole situation, ninety percent (90%) of this interest is located in Biafraland. 

The bone of contention in this UN complexity is Biafran oil. Biafran territory houses ninety-five percent (95%) black gold in Nigeria. All the oil companies from these member states have drilling field in Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Anambra, Abia, Delta and Cross River state. 

Surprisingly, It took Northern youths’ ultimatum before UN could even mention the name ‘Biafra’. In their attempts to protect their interest, they said: “sit-at-home order was observed by five South Eastern states”. 

This is a greater height of wickedness and cheap propaganda. The same UN couldn't make any comment when BBC and other MSM reported Igweocha (Rivers State), Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Bayelsa, Delta and other states' compliance with the sit-at-home order given to the Biafrans by their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

United Nations and Nigerian elites have economic and selfish interests respectively. Member states of United Nation are moved by their oil interest while Nigerian elites have selfish-looting interest. 

The true question here's “will United Nation member states lose their economic interest at the emergence of a free Biafran state?”

The answer to the above question is “NO”. Biafra as a nation will protect UN member states’ interest with lasting peace. The issues of insecurity would be a thing of past, militancy will cease to exist, there will be stability within Sub-Saharan and entire Africa. UN member states will carry out their business without fear of abduction.

The only solution to Africa's instability is a free Biafran nation. Biafra will not be an enemy to its environs rather a friend and ally. 

Another question is “will emergence of a free Biafran nation stop elites’ selfish interest?”

The answer to the above question is “YES”. Don't make mistakes about it, Biafra shall have no room for people with dubious characters. Accountability will champion the way forward for every Province. 

Now that the Nigerian masses of Arewa extraction have called international communities, United Nation to conduct a referendum to allow Biafrans go, UN needs to listen to this call before crisis cum civil unrest goes out of proportion. 

Nigerian elites including Bukola Saraki, the current Senate President, need to listen to the people that gave them mandate, they have spoken and their call for disintegration of Nigeria can never be swept under the carpet because its consequences will be disastrous. 

Biafrans want to be free and Arewa wants to be free also. Nobody should sacrifice millions of youths for her selfish reasons, Nigeria isn't working, hasn't worked before and will never work.

We appeal to the conscience of international communities, including United Nations, to wage in positively to this issue before a repeat of 1945 pogrom, 1966 pogrom and 1967-70 genocidal war against Biafrans. 

Our life is more important to us than oil, it doesn't mean we can't defend ourselves or resources, we did it in 1967-70 Biafran war and will improve on it this time around if need be. 

Let us nip this looming disaster in the bud before it degenerates to tsunami. 

Every Biafran in the North should come back home and fortunately, I'm glad they've started returning back. Please don't listen to selfish elites, by the time it'll start, Emir will go dumb. Blood-tasty barbarians won't know the difference between Emeka from Ikwerre Rivers State, Emeka from Asaba Delta state and Emeka from Imo state. To them up north, everybody from old Eastern region is Igbo. 

Referendum still remains the best solution, may God dash or even borrow our elites brain to evict this looming disaster and do the needful. Amen.

Author: Chinedu Solomon
Edited by O. E. Williams
Published by IPOB writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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