We, the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) writers, have grabbed our pens to annul the instigating irrational speeches of the thrice President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. 
In his speech days ago, he concocted many detestable points which some were "The Igbos should be given a share of the national cake to quench or silence the Biafra agitators/agitation".  He also said that "General Ojukwu pushed them (Nigerians) to war". 
But we are making it unequivocal and vivid to him and other ruthless Nigerian politicians that, in Nigeria, Biafrans are no longer interested in the cake because Biafrans are the irrefutable owners of the so-called cake he, Obasanjo, insinuated.
I want use this opportunity to ask Obasanjo and others clamouring for restructuring of the Nigerian state. Was it not the same restructuring of government that was signed and agreed by arch-war monger, Gen Yakubu Gowon? But you unscrupulous men rejected it and chose war instead of the agreed Restructuring. So, after you Yorubas, Fulanis and Hausas had unleashed genocide that wiped 3.5 millions Biafrans via starvation (air, land and sea blockade), you could summon the temerity to come back with another useless restructuring agenda? You must be insane I guess. 
I want to ask you, Obasanjo, what are you restructuring?
1. Are you going to restructure/relocate the inhumane Fulani herdsmen slaughtering Biafrans from Biafran land to Yoruba land?
2. The 3 Rs signed and agreed after the pogrom and genocide on innocent Biafrans which were Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and  Reconciliation, what happened to it, Obasanjo? Are you ready to refund and pay damages to every single Biafran with the sum of 3 million?
3. Will all you Hausas, Fulanis and Yorubas living large with our oils hand it over totally to us?
4. Will all the heavy-weight international oil companies like Shell take their hands off our oil and will all the reasonable companies in Lagos and Abuja be brought down to Biafran land?
5. Will Biafrans be admitted into tertiary institutions with a score of  just 10 to 100, just like it's done for Hausas?
If the answers to those questions above are in the affirmative, then other conditions are here: 
1. Biafrans will not be president for just 4 or 8 years (one or two tenures) but for complete 50 years just like you Yorubas, Hausas and Fulanis have ruled.
7. We will revenge all your subjugation, economic sabotage/boycotts and marginalization by shutting down all banks owned/managed by Yorubas and Hausas, then allow only Biafrans to flourish.
8. We will open the borders and create a conducive environment for Innoson Motors, Ibeto, Bart Nnaji and  all Biafran importers while we close the borders and suppress Dangote and every Hausa-Fulani business man.
It is obvious that the kind of government we Biafrans believe in is not obtainable in the Nigerian state hence opting out of Nigeria is sacrosanct.
Biafrans believe in egalitarian government, true democracy. Hence Biafra shall be a nation where the "Rule Of Law" will be respected and upheld. 
Biafrans don't need a government with primitive infrastructure, interrupted electric supply, despicable sachet waters and roads that look like hell. 
In Biafran land, politicians will never travel abroad for treatments. Our visions and ideologies as Biafrans are totally opposed to that of Nigeria's anarchical government.
Besides, we Biafrans have endured the most abominable and incredible plights that no race/tribe in the world would smell and remain alive. Hence applause should be given to Obasanjo for reminding us how he/they raped and massacred our mothers, preteens and threw bombs into our hospitals, refugees camp and churches, during the Biafran war. We know very well that you are one of those who own oil wells that rightfully belong to us. And You Obasanjo, foreseeing that you would be rewarded with oil wells, nearly wiped a village in Biafran land.
Obasanjo, you are a certified murderer and your self-centered and awful intentions towards Biafrans must be thwarted. 
We are not one with you and Hausa-Fulani and we can never be one! The blood thirsty Nigerian security operatives have always proven that Biafrans have no place in Nigeria. Over 2000 innocent Biafrans were gunned down by monstrous  Boko-Haram Nigerian forces within 2015-2017 and the only thing Obasanjo came up with is "sharing national cake". 
It's now obvious that Obasanjo is anti-Biafra and he still derives joy seeing Biafrans slaughtered.
But we are putting it straight to Obasanjo that this is 21th century and we are not retarded nor credulous to accept another awful and worthless "Restructure".
Written by Emmanuel C. Okechukwu
For IPOB Writers


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