Information reaching IPOB writers vividly indicates that the Nigerian military government have opened a live bullets with ammunitions to the defenceless people of ABA Abia State today been the 29th may 2017, the caller who pleaded for anonymous said that some Nigerian military personnel's just block the road at osisioma junction, blocked the road and started dragging people out from their car for no good reasons. If questioned for such human right abuse, they military will slap and fire live bullets to the  car.
This have cause war Right now in Aba, as the residence have rose up in anger to fight back with the last drop of blood they have, some say Maybe its because of the SIT-AT-HOME order by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) that is ahead tomorrow the 30th May 2017. This is  what triggered the harassment and the news  of presidency  death confirmation.
The higher authorities should look into this or the war of genocide will start from ABA again.
Ejike Ofoegbu
Reporting for IPOB writers


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