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IPOB blast Ohanaeze, says Nnamdi Kanu will never agitate for Nigeria restructuring

Ohanaeze Ndigbo 
The level of inferiority complex in some of the elders in Biafra is beyond my comprehension. They speak from both sides of their mouths and at the same time claim that they are speaking the minds of the people which are blatant lies.

On the 30th day of April 2017, a news broke out that ohanaeze ndigbo has promised to convince Nnamdi Kanu to drop The agitation of having a sovereign state of Biafra and accept the restructuring of Nigeria.

The plan to meet Nnamdi Kanu and convince him was disclosed by the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of ohanaeze ndigbo Mr. Chuks Ibegbu while granting an interview to Punch.
He said, “Ohanaeze will definitely discuss with Nnamdi Kanu. Ohanaeze has been making efforts to parley with all the pro-Biafra groups and find a point of agreement with them on these issues.

“We will engage him and some of his associates so that we can find a common ground. He is our son, we understand him and he will understand us.

“If there are areas of divergence, we will find ways to address it so that we can work together.
“At the planned meeting, Ohanaeze intends to make Kanu understand and appreciate its position, which is the restructuring of the country, rather than secession.
“Ohanaeze’s position is restructuring and his position is secession.

“We will not tell him to drop his desire for self-determination but we will make him understand that Ohanaeze’s position is the position of the Igbo people.
“He has the right to seek self-determination, but we will make him appreciate Ohanaeze’s position, which is restructuring and social justice.

“Ohanaeze’s position is the position of the totality of the Igbo people.

“We will also make him understand that there is no need to insult anybody in the agitation, and no need for violence – of course he has never been violent.
“Restructuring is the only solution to the problems in this country. With restructuring, even the issue of corruption would be addressed.

“What generates corruption? When the system is suffocating people, when the system is not properly coordinated, people will be stealing here and there.
“You cannot stop corruption by force. Even the issue of lopsided appointments is corruption. We have to address the fundamental issues.”

One thing Ohanaeze Ndigbo and their followers should understand is that Nnamdi Kanu has not and can never work for the betterment of Nigeria because there is no amount of hard work that can change an expired drug rather it will worsen it.

Nigeria has expired so no need trying to salvage her in a bid to bring it back to a better place. Ohanaeze ndigbo should understand that Nnamdi Kanu is on OATH to restore Biafra or his entire family would be wiped out.  Nnamdi Kanu did not go to prison because he wanted Nigeria to be restructured rather for Biafra.

Those that were killed in Aba, Onitsha, Nkpor, Asaba and Igweocha did not die because they wanted Nigeria to be restructured rather for Biafra. Those in various prisons custody, both underground and in DSS weird cells are not there because they wanted Nigeria to be restructured rather for Biafra restoration.

This quest for Biafra restoration has gone beyond only Nnamdi Kanu. It is a collective decision we, the Biafrans have made to have our own country where we will not be taken as a third class citizen, where the dreams of our children will not be killed because of nepotism, deprivation, and discrimination.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo should also understand that Biafra is not all about the Igbos. Igbo is nothing but a tribe in Biafra. Biafra is bigger than the Igbos, and their greedy quest to satisfy their pockets can never curtail Biafra to become a thing of the Igbos. They should also understand that restructuring of Nigeria is never the position of the Igbos like they said in the above news rather they should make it clear to their paymasters that they no longer have the backing of the people they claim to represent because the people have lost their trust in them.

Why can't this man who spoke on behalf of ohanaeze leave us alone to focus on our quest? These old men should sit, watch and wait for a referendum. They should stop speaking on our behalf. We will notify them whenever we are ready to exit Nigeria. These men should understand that we are busy, occupied here and there. They should stop their obnoxious distractions.

(Edited and first published by family writers)



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