A prevalent saying says that,  "the only thing constant in life is change". Therefore nothing is hidden permanently secret on the surface of the earth.  And until the hidden  truths are excavated,  accepted and atoned for,  there will be no peace.

From the colonial era till date Biafrans have always been referred to as good for nothing people,  stubborn   people, thieves, over smart, domineering sets of people , irresponsible sets of people,  wicked sets of people etc. Due to the fact that Biafrans applied severe resistance to British government during colonialism. Simply they ( BIAFRANS ) told the British government "we have  our own type of system of governments" ( which was Monarchial system of government then) culture, norms, values,  beliefs,  system of education etc. "And that we are pleased with that". Because we said no to forceful rulings of colonial eras, that it is not possible that British government will come all the way from Britain to come and start molesting our people in the name of ruling us,  taking possessions of our natural heritage, raping our young girls,  killing our able men and subjecting us to total slavery. That all these are not good and that we can't accept that. This is the biggest crime of Biafrans to the British government.

However, when Britain saw that the bight of Biafra then as they called us were more organized, with Intelligent,  intellectually and hard working people, therefore, penetrating Biafran land was a very serious headache for them and even after colonial rules when they go,  they won't have any benefits of oil from Biafra land again.

Their came amalgamation of 1914, which is Southern and Northern protectorates coming together. Out of British government fear of losing Biafran oil, for that is their only interest in Biafra land not the people. The British government handed power over to the Northerners ( Hausa-Fulani) , rigged census populations for them to consolidate ruling powers for them, and instructed them to always see us as their enemies and to always try destabilize us with bad names,  integrity and identity even among us, with this that all our oil belongs to them. That's why you will hear that Bayelsa oil belongs to Jigawa State etc. This is where Biafrans' bad names: domineering attitudes,  Igboman is the problem,  good for nothing people, and all that started.

Besides, Hausa-Fulanis have been perfecting this job very well since that colonial era till the emergency of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who came with a message of only but TRUTH, and has really liberated our people from this heavy long years of conspiracy chain.

Before the coming of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu they divided us through geopolitical zones and states and Igbo man was the problem of all other Biafran territories or zones even Nigeria herself. The conspiracy was too heavy among us that no body wants to see his or her sister with good mind set any more.  We didn't even know that some body from IMO State is a brother or sister to someone at Igweocha,  Bayelsa,  Delta etc. But thank God who has sent a man with a divine differential mandate of TRUTH AND DIGNITY, and has finally brought us light and restored our dignity back again as one people,  one family and as a Nation.

This is why in one of my articles some time ego,  it was titled BIAFRA THE PRIDE OF AFRICA AND ENVY OF THE BRITISH. Because they know that Biafrans are the light of Africa. That we have all it takes to compete with them. This is why the British government chose to suppress us,  humiliate us,  subjugate us, kill & maim us, rape us, starve us, and plan strategical pogroms upon pogroms to wipe us out from the surface of the earth,  but our God never allowed them.

Moreover, all these heavy yester-years atrocities and murderous conspiracy act of British government against Biafrans  till date directly and indirectly via Hausa-Fulani forms BIAFRA heroic day. But  we Biafrans are giving God the greatest glory and honor, whom through His wisdom, might and supremacy has laid the truth about Biafrans bare to the whole world through Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. It is not by our power but that of Chukwuokike Abiama (the only living God that we worship and must continue to serve & worship) has remembered and vindicated us.

Please permit me to ask the following questions because it is very necessary either for flash back or reference purposes.

√. Why is federal government of Nigeria via Osibanjo crying and asking for dialogue?  I think he (Osibanjo)  said that Nigeria unity is not negotiable.

√. Why is Obasanjo lamenting and asking federal government of Nigeria and her cabals to beg BIAFRA through her leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu saying "there is enough cake to share"?

√. Obasanjo this cake you are talking about, is it yours, from Ota farm Or from Biafran land?

By Onyekachi M Ogbonnia                           Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams                 Publish By EJIKE OFOEGBU.                             For IPOB WRITERS



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