Tuesday, April 4, 2017. 23:19 GMT
A Christian Anti Boko Haram Activist raises Alarm over threats to her life
The National Leader of Christian Women Against Boko Haram, Mrs. Nnnenaya Nwachukwu who lives with her family in Lagos has raised alarm that her life is under danger.
She claimed that due to her activities and comments on the neglect of Christian victims of the terrorists by Nigerian governments, she is no longer safe with threats to her life that come in calls and messages.
“I am truly concerned about Christian killed by the terrorists in thousands, especially Christians in churches and markets across many cities in Nigeria by the Boko Haram terrorist group under the watch of the government. Moreover those that survive and relocate are never covered by government palliatives for other victims. Nwachukwu embarked on a national awareness campaign to bring the crime to public attention and says the stand she took is causing her pains.
But she said in her statement that she refused to be cowed by the threats in the fight against the terrorism of Boko Haram. To her, living in silence in the face of the unprovoked slaughter of innocent persons is not worth it. Having consistently brought the killings of Christians and the neglect at the Internally Displaced Persons camps in North East to public attention, her life has become threatened in recent weeks.
She alleged that on February 13, she was trailed by unknown men on her way home about 8pm at Ayobo, an outskirt layout in Lagos, prompting her to take a diversion off the normal route to her home. But the most frightening of all the threat incidents was the one of March 27. That day, she said she was about entering her neighbourhood when she noticed two men trailing her car, and when she accelerated they chased her with a motorcycle. She sped away like never before and for a moment, she thought she was going to die. But she managed to escape when she joined the major road. It was a close shave. When she called her neighborhood security, they advised her not to come home as they had observed strange movements around her compound in recent weeks.
She said the incidents came after some strange calls asking her to desist from her fight and drop every action of hers on the matter.



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