2 Nigerian Police officers Fighting in Public. Can these Police men impact moral value through Radio Broadcast?

The indulgence of the Islamic Police of Nigeria into broadcasting is very welcomed. This criminal arm of lawless group who are supposed to protect the citizens have now engaged  in broadcasting to further their criminal Islamization agenda. No amount of Broadcasting can erase the bitter memories of the atrocities  this arm, the supposedly law enforcement agency have caused to the people they are supposed to protect.. They have lied, killed and framed innocent citizens and have exposed their crimes for the world to see.

1.  The broadcast program is a sign of failure and loss of confidence from the people of which no amount of lies to the people will change anything.

2.  The program is part of Islamization policy through which the implementation of Sharia laws will be broadcast and failure to adhere to the warnings will result in arrest s and prosecutions.  If all is well as they claim, why engage in covert and deceitful measures?

3.  Is the police saying that all the National and private Media 'Giants' in Nigeria aka Zoo, are not competent and credible enough to reach the people in that the Police will prefer to engage in that field?  The Police should be a little bit more grateful to the Nigeria (Zoo) media for not exposing all their criminal activities.

4.  If the actual goal of the said program is directed towards Radio BIAFRA and Biafrans, I assure them complete failure and shameful exit because the Biafrans now know the truth about the goals of the Islamic State of Nigeria. It was the police that shot innocent unarmed Biafrans in Aba, Asaba, Igweocha, Onitsha, Enugu and other places and lied that they did not kill anyone. Lied through their teeth even with undeniable evidence and videos implicating them. Not the least, is the Police going to say that the people that witnessed their criminal acts are delusional? including Amnesty International that is on ground in Nigeria of whom their representatives witnessed some of the killings first hand.

5.  The Nigerian Police is the most corrupt, they are involved in intimidation of innocent people, bribery, petty thievery, rape, burglary and armed robbery, they are thugs who also stop innocent motorists and pillage them, it is also this same criminals who falsify and bring unfounded charges on innocent people in other to enrich themselves. If this is the character of the Nigeria (Zoo) Police, under what moral capacity are they going to broadcast to the people they are killing in different ways?

If your sole aim is to combat Radio BIAFRA, you will fail woefully to the point of no rehabilitation. The Biafrans now understand what deadly plans you Hausa/Fulani have laid out for their total destruction and enslavement. If you can not protect them from Boko Haram and the Herdsmen who of course are your agents that you are shielding and also, when you have 70 year old women raped and abused without you doing anything, then I suppose you have to do it through Broadcasting.

You should go ahead and disgrace yourselves some more because fools and thieves do not know when to stop. Your Islamic agenda will fail because we are ahead of you. The bribe Nigerian (zoo) government is giving to many foreign consuls in Nigeria and international media outfits for them not to report the truth will not save you.

Written by: IPOB Writters



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