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Hire a crowd to protest in your favour, Nigerian politicians develops new corrupt tactics (Photos)

Hired Anti - Amnesty Protesters receiving payments after protest

One school of thought has posited that among some other African countries, Nigeria needs to be re-colonised for the next 100years.

This is the resultant effect of bad, corrupt and insincere leadership and government in these countries of which the dept of deterioration in the Nigerian state is far below normal to such extent a state of emergency should be declared in the state.

This Nigerian state has deteriorated to such extent that incompetence thrives with the help of hungry elements ever ready to constitute a mob as long as small "change" can enter their hands to keep body and soul together.

The leadership of the country having plunged the country into a master-slave society takes advantage of the fact that the youths of the state are helplessly jobless and are ready to be used at any time to achieve any political chicanery or social subterfuge. But even as smart as the government and political leaders might act, the wind always blows out the white garment of the priest to show all that the priest wears black trousers inside.

Two days after the ailing president returned to his country, his handlers hired some jobless elements to stage the demonstration "I Stand With Buhari" in the south-east of the Nigerian state.

It was later discovered that those in the demonstration were actually imported; they were neither from south-east nor from south-south, and they went to camouflage as though the Igbos were in support of Buhari.

One would have called Igbos fools to have gone out to march in solidarity with a monster who has sabotaged them economically, boycotted them politically and brutalized them socially.

I was wondering the rationale behind staging solidarity with an ailing president whose nature of ailment has been hidden from his citizens; and who when around in the country was oozing out policies economically destructive.

Instead of youths, I was wondering, to stage protests against Buhari for violating his own rule that says "no public official should fly abroad for treatment" or demand to know how much of the taxpayers money was used to sponsor a 51 days treatment abroad with all the entourage that followed him; or question to know why the president kept them in the dark on other issues like his rumoured death and return extensions; the youths were busy enjoying the money for a one night stand.

Such purchase of support and solidarity has destroyed the Nigerian state. A situation where the government and the military will sustain their outrageous excesses through paying jobless fellows to feign acceptance of false disposition  is really pitiable.

Hired Youth Staging Anti-Amnesty International Protests Is Equally Outrageous

Also, on the 20th of March, 2017, the government of Nigeria hired a mob to protest against Amnesty International, a world-known human rights organization out to investigate human rights abuses in States and give unbiased reports about such, in order to curb such abuses.

In countries where human rights are held on priority, when such reports are given from such reputable organizations, they launch investigation into the issues raised or reported to ascertain the veracity of such claims.

But that is an unfavourable adoption for the Nigerian government and her military. Instead of launching investigations into such abuses reported, they will organise jobless youths and launch protests against the organizations.

One is forced to ask why a government that claims to be corruption-free cast aspersions on its image by using tax-payers money to hire protesters against Amnesty International. The answer is not far fetched because they must cover their tracks..

When someone is wrong and refuses to accept his wrong but instead finds a means to stop his wrongs from being circulated, it means that that person is not ready to change.

Hiring jobless youths to stage anti-Amnesty International protest will not help Nigeria at all rather it tends to bring Nigeria quicker to its imminent disintegration.

(Written by Ogu Edozie Williams, Edited by Mazi Collins - Biafra Today)

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