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IPOB: What's Justice Binta Nyako's reason for looking at "Sharia Law" in a constitutional law court?

IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu talking to his brother Prince Kanu in the federal high court Abuja

On Monday 20th March 2017, the judge presiding over the case of Federal Government of Nigeria Vs  Nnamdi Kanu, justice Binta Nyako, made a public spectacle of herself and the judicial system of this contraption called Nigeria by reversing herself again in stating that there will be a secret trial for Nnamdi Kanu.

This madness did not end at that point; she went further to state that it will be done under sharia law. In fact, it is really a shameful thing, quite ridiculous indeed that a profession that is otherwise highly respected elsewhere, the legal profession, believed to be made up of learned fellows, is just an assemblage of educated illiterate and morons in a zoo called Nigeria.

What other better justification do we need to confirm that this country is a zoo? Take a little look at this bit of madness.

Justice Binta Nyako took over this case from Justice John Tsoho and upheld that secret trial should be applied in Nnamdi Kanu’s case, and this same Justice Binta Nyako sometime in January 2017 cancelled the use of secret trial in this same Nnamdi Kanu’s case; this same Justice Binta Nyako has come again this March 2017 to say that secret trial will be adopted in the same Nnamdi Kanu’s case, Please friends which of the universities graduated this woman as a lawyer?

I doubt if this woman qualified as a lawyer; maybe she has a fake certificate, and if that be the case, it will be nice to conduct an investigation into her academic claims and qualifications further.

Justice Binta Nyako may be itching towards creating a new principle of law which will allow a case to be introduced under one legal system, heard under another legal system and eventually judged under another legal system. The import of which is that a particular case can now be made to pass through so many legal systems before it is decided. That is to say that Binta Nyako wants to take 'plea and bail' application under common law, commence hearing under Sharia law and probably issue judgment under Ogboni Cult law, this is unbelievable! ….Ndi Ara!…… Mad People!.

Nnamdi Kanu has changed everything including the way court proceedings are done. Just to make sure that an innocent man is destroyed, a learned Judge accepted to be puppet to an illiterate moron president; just to make sure that an innocent man is condemned a learned judge has decided to switch between common law system and sharia law system; just to make sure that an innocent man is condemned a learned judge has unilaterally decided to convert a secular state to Islamic state. Does this kind of thing happen elsewhere except in a British zoo, Nigeria?

I want to state that this is practically impossible but despite its impossibility, there is still a lot to understand from that little display of madness:
•    When Justice Binta Nyako denied Nnamdi Kanu bail and upheld that charges against him are serious ones, President Buhari was in the country and had his hands on the judiciary button
•    When the same Binta Nyako cancelled six counts charges for want of evidence, President Buhari was sick and out of the country with his hands off the judiciary buttons.
•    When this same slippery maggot swallowed her vomit by reverting to secret trial, the president was back to the zoo with both hands back to the judiciary buttons.
It is, therefore, clearly evident that the president has been influencing the judiciary by disobeying court orders and truncating and distorting court proceedings.

The president is only using the court to disable opposition, destroy enemies and attempt crushing the quest for the restoration of Biafra. This is certainly unthinkable for a country where you have educated and exposed people. This will eventually lead to unbearable consequences if not quenched now.

This has triggered some unanswered questions:
1.What is justice Binta Nyako’s reason for pointing to Sharia law?
2. Does the constitution allow a judge to decide which legal system to adopt for any particular case?"
3. Does the constitution allow the judge to decide which legal system to adopt probably because of his or her religion?
4. Where is that done in this world except in the British zoo?

I do not know much about judicial hallucination, I would have been quick to say that Justice Binta Nyako was simply hallucinating the time she made those repugnant and obnoxious pronouncements, however I know very well that Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra have so many options to achieve the Biafra freedom of which legal strategies is but one option and the end of one option means the beginning of the next option.

The only thing that is certain about this whole drama is that Biafra must be born this time not later. My kind advise to those who are good in saying that it is over their dead bodies will they let Biafra go, is that they should refrain from making such nonsensical statements because they will only end up in coma in London hospital bed, and eventually they will die when Biafra comes.

For those who are saying that Biafra youths who are agitating for freedom are those who have never seen war before, let me remind you that if the youths could be sleeping in theirs houses and Fulani herdsmen went to them in the early hours of the morning and killed them in their hundreds, then your statement does not make any sense.

If unarmed Biafra youths could be brutally murdered during a peaceful protest,  if the people could be dying of hunger because there is no job, then you must have a rethink. It is either Biafra or death although the time has not come for such conflict it appears we are getting closer.

Therefore, Justice Binta Nyako can go ahead with her wishes; it is quite obvious that what she says and what she does from now on would mean a lot in the history of the defunct Nigeria,
For Biafrans freedom is the only option, it does not matter how long it takes or how many survived, what is important is freedom for those who survived and the future generation

Written by C.K. Fidelis
Edited By Ogu Edozie
Published by IPOB writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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