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BREAKING: IPOB Victory Zone Obigbo Hits Rural Villages With The Gospel Of Biafra

IPOB Members Obigbo zone takes on the street of Rivers State

On the 26th of March, 2017, IPOB family meeting in Victory Zone Obigbo took to the streets to evangelize the inner cities where the gospel of Biafra restoration is not strongly heard.

They covered a whole lot of villages singing and preaching the gospel of freedom in Obigbo in Igweocha.

With euphoric dispositions, drumming of band, they preached the gospel in  Komkom, Area-stanks and other remote places distributing fliers depicting the benefits that await Biafrans when Biafra regains her sovereignty and with that urged the people to come out en masse to support the struggle for freedom.

The content of the flier reads:

The Benefits Of Our Beloved Nation, Biafra:

1. Good Governance, Justice, Equity and Fairness

2. To Protect Lives and Property

3. Resources Control: managing your resources and paying taxes to the central government

4. Freedom of speech and Movement

5. Freedom of Association and Worship

6. Job Opportunities and Good Health Environment

7. Free Education As Basic Right To every Biafran child, from Primary level  to Secondary level with Quality Education and Qualified Teachers

8. Good Hospitals and Medical Care With Qualified Doctors and Nurses

9. 24hours Standby Electricity

10. Good Road Network And Regular Water Sipply; with other innumerable benefits

They sounded the trumpet on people reminding them that Biafrans are kings, queens, princes and princesses of their own and hence urging them to follow the right way and save themselves from slavery in the Nigerian state by joining any IPOB family meeting around them.

Njoku Oscar, one of the IPOB leaders in the zone pictured the rally...see the pictures and videos attached.

Ogu Edozie Williams
Reporting from Igweocha
For IPOB writers


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