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 Eze Okechukwu Adiukwu Moves Against Biafra, Arrests IPOB Members

CHurch Building destroyed by villagers loyal to Eze Okechukwu Adiukwu

Eze Okechukwu Adiukwu, king of Egberemiri in Eziudo Ezinihitte Mbaise has moved against his own people he was meant to protect.

He ordered the arrest of some members of IPOB in Amakam and neighbouring village accusing them falsely of setting some two churches ablaze.

Two weeks ago, two churches were burnt in Amakam Eziudo Ezinihitte Mbaise at night,  namely a Catholic church and BMC (Bible Missionary Church).

The cause of the fire as at the time of filing this report was yet unclear, but the king, Eze okechukwu Adiukwu and the community elders were accusing some IPOB members to have carried out the heinous crime against the church.

One of the IPOB members arrested at to the orders of Fimba Ololo Nwachi, the present youth leader of  Amakam Eziudo Ezinihitte Mbaise on 21st March, 2017 was Chukwudi Ihediwa.

Also, Obinna Nwankwo at the order of the king, Eze Okechukwu Adiukwu, was arrested on the 23rd of March, 2017. It was reported that the king invited him for interrogation but unknown to the innocent man, the police were already hiding in the king's palace waiting for him to come. And the King posited that he's to remain in police custody until he proves his innocence.

The indigenous people of Biafra are honest people, peace-loving and law-abiding, and therefore, can't stain their hard-earned reputation for no just course because there was no issue between the IPOB members and the community before the incidence.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness,  mother of the arrested Chukwudi reported that she left Chukwudi who has been sick, sleeping at home at the night of the incidence, to help stop the fire. Also corroborating the state of Chukwudi before the incidence, his father attested to the fact that his son was terribly sick.

 According to Uzochukwu Ezeigwe and Charles Arungwa, the department in charge of the arrest is the Scorpion Squad  States CID, Owerri Imo state.

But a source close to the king who pleaded anonymity  confided in the IPOB leader in that zone that the king had vowed to destroy the career of Obinna Nwankwo  since he had the guts to abandon him(the king).

The source said that Obinna was the king's errand boy, very loyal to the core indeed to the king. He was the former youth leader of the community before he resigned. He campaigned for the king very passionately when the king aspired the throne and had been loyal to the king even after his victory but suddenly detached himself from the king when he found his new faith in Biafra restoration struggle which Biafra the king is not pleased with.

The source revealed that the king is very angry with the members who are preaching that everyone should return to the Yahweh of Hebrew, a religion which the king sees as occultic.

The source implied that the king would have arranged the inferno in order to implicate the IPOB members, especially Obinna whom the king accused of being a hater of other churches.

Meanwhile, other members of the village are supporting the king. Such members are also opposed to the Biafra ideology. They are:
Obinna Onoha
John Nwachucku
Augustine Akandu
Israel Akwada
Atulegwu Inyama
Inyama Chikere
Silas ( ACC pastor) and others

Eze Okechukwu Adiukwu and his cohorts should know that it is a dangerous thing to fall into the hands of Yahweh because IPOB has a world-wide reputation of peacefulness even in the face of provocations.

Written by Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by IPOB Writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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