Nigerian Army Chief of Staff Lt. General Tukur Buratai and His British Collaborators

Recently, the Nigerian Army Chief of Staff Lt. General Tukur Buratai has been making unfounded drunk-worded statements with regard to issues concerning what the army will and will not tolerate in the country they  destroyed with their leader Muhammadu Buhari.  It is very important to inform Lt  Gen. Buratai that  he and his soldiers are out of touch with reality when it comes to the freedom of Biafrans and  international fundamental human rights.  They have constantly engaged in territorial conquest and seizure of Biafra land in the name of keeping Nigeria one for no acceptable reason.


Buratai we are telling you and your British sponsors that the Hausa/Fulani  and Yoruba soldiers since 1967 - 70 after Biafra Nigeria civil war ended and subsequent coups  and counter coups that followed even as of date, are responsible for the death and the disintegration of Nigeria.  Unfortunately, the  daily destruction of democratic systems by the army and infusion of Islamic doctrine for the whole country is gross betrayal of the country's democracy itself as well as it's principles.

The North is constantly at war with itself thereby feeling that It is a normal way of life; this also results to danger to other innocent none Northerners.The North and part of  Western Nigeria also are Muslims which I have nothing against but the most gravely crime to humanity and lack of respect to human life is the heartless inhumane slaughtering of other human beings. You, Buratai and your entire Hausa/Fulani race who beheaded other people and burn some alive in the streets, their homes, farmlands and churches, are these people animals?   How can you have the guts to shamelessly talk about peace and rule of law which you are ignorant about its meaning after you also killed  your fellow Muslims of different sect,  hundred of riots in the North from 1914 up till date resulting in the   loss of innocent Biafran lives.  The accelerated killings of Biafrans by you and your soldiers at the order of the genocidist Muhammadu Buhari of which you and El Rufai are partners  in crime as well.  The infusion of Boko Haram fighters into the Nigerian army  and the use of Boko Haram cattle herdsmen to clear and occupy lands for your so called grazing and ranching.

You are void of respect and integrity because your agenda is to effect genocide and ethnic cleansing of Biafrans, this is why you can not tell a single truth when you even have tons of implicating evidence to your crimes, You think that you are above International laws to the point of foolishly warning the Amnesty International  for having exposed your dirty criminal acts to the world.   You are power drunk because your British sponsors are solidly behind your criminal acts. Whatever goes up must come down because you and your partners in crime will soon have your days at the Hague and I can't wait to see how you will be dressed.


We are the Indigenous people of Biafra you have been trying to eliminate;  you and your British sponsors have dedicated all your resources to deceive the world by proclaiming the preservation of the territorial integrity of expired country which by International law is operating illegally.  This brings me to the following issues.

A.  Buratai cannot on his discretion decide that the Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba and the Igbo peoples must continue to remain as a country without justifying the need for this to continue.  The last time I checked, it is this same Buratai that instigated, ordered and supervised the shameless murder of unarmed innocent Biafrans for exercising their rights to freedom of speech, religion, association and expression.  You also gave the order that led to the  slaughtering of Biafrans in different parts of Biafran cities as well as the disappearance of innocent young Biafrans.

B.  THE THREE DANGEROUS B'S.   (1). BRITAIN.  (2). BUHARI. AND (3) BURATAI are a threat to the safety, survival and progress of the Biafrans and this is why they have conspired to completely eliminate the Biafrans. Britain plans and sponsors the crime then the instructions are forwarded to Muhammadu Buhari then Buratai executes the killings.  They still have not given any justification as to why Nigeria should continue to exist as one country despite all the atrocities carried out by them.  They have not even introduced any democratic process necessary to determine the choice of the people whether there is anymore common grounds for Nigeria to continue as a country.

In the absence of democratic systems that the military erased in other to continue their cowardice acts against Biafrans, all that Buratai venomously voices out of his mouth is the determination  to "crush" innocent unarmed Biafrans who are seeking self determination and good future for their children, grand children and great grandchildren, not surprisingly he is also singing the same chorus like his master Muhammadu Buhari who chose death over the existence of Biafra.  May CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA grant him his wish.

The world will eventually see through your  lies, your lack of professional respect, your lack of integrity, intertwined with your dirty murderous acts against the Biafrans. You are trying to deceive the world by accusing the Biafrans you have been killing over 100 years as the problem.  We will continue to be your problem until you leave us alone.  You have no justification to force the people you do not like to continue to live with you under the barrel of the gun.  This is called slavery.

Your alliance with other Islamic countries to operate Islamic Army is responsible for all your defiant attitude and behavior towards International rule of law.




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