February 08, 2017  19:05  CET

Poetic Justice: Nnamdi Kanu The Great Sailor who has Sighted the Promise Land

The sailor appears like a prisoner

A prisoner of conscience

Held in a filthy dark room

Where the windows are shut tight

Against the sharp sounds of 

The wind blowing forcefully

To cheer odurs of the room

Yes, l am a sailor, the great sailor of Biafraland 

Who has been held captive for months

Who has never begged for life

And will never beg for life

But holds the sky, the cloud

The sun, the moon and the stars

The sharks of the sea

The whales of the ocean

Witnessed  your presence

A worthy sailor

who has sworn the oath of leadership

To live and die with the ship

Never to retreat or surrender

Never to give up until freedom is sighted

A ship that cannot capside or be hijacked

Not by any man born of a woman

Oh yeah the enemy

The killer that walks in the dark

Never ignore this right 

To do what you know best

To play your favorite music

The very best track you enjoy

Of right abuses

Of innocent killings

Of power tussle

That now, a daily dance steps

That entertains the blood thirsty

Yes, the pirate hand

The same face, the same name

That stands tall and huge

As a stumbling block on the sea

Looking to hijack or capside his ship

Either from the East, the west

From the north or the south of the ocean

Am l wrong, when l said

No to injustice?

Am l wrong, when l said

No to the killings of my people?

Am l wrong, when l said

No to divide and rule?

Am l wrong, when I say

I am here to save my people?

How l wish, if you knew

That l have an obligation, a mission 

To liberate my people from slavery

To avenge the blood of my people

Oh yeah , hear this

Prince and princess

Hale and hearty

Brave and brilliant

Young and fresh

The enemy is is restless

Awake at night, roaming the dark

Killing in cold blood

In every street of darkness

But Jan is awake, ready to defend

Anguishly waiting for revenge

And for the triumphant trumpet

Of the ship sailing victoriously

To the land, of the rising sun !!

All hail Biafra, land of The risng sun!

Written by:  Onyebuchi Eucharia

Edited by Mazi Collins

Published by IPOB writers

Twitter : @ipob_writers



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