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Biafra: Uwazuruike Is A Drowning Traitor Who Turned MASSOB To MMM

What started in 1999 like a promising hope to over 70million Biafrans with the name 'Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), turned out to be the greatest disaster of mankind in the field of freedom fighting. Uwazuruike the then leader of MASSOB was seen as a messiah who came to rescue his people from Egypt to Canaan land.

Instead of living up to expection, Uwazuruike being a man of dubious and questionable character never disappointed in making sure that he turned MASSOB to Money Making Machine (MMM).

He took advantage of  people's sympathy and love for a Biafran Nation and defrauded his people. He betrayed the Biafran struggle like the way Ifeajuna did during the Biafran war.

It will be of great help to individuals who still have any atom of regard for Uwazuruike to know what happened between Justice Binta Nyako, Federal Government and Uwazuruike in 2005.

"Uwazuruike's longest spell in detention was in 2005 when he was arrested in his Okwe hometown by men of the Nigerian police: he alleged to have been flown to Abuja aboard a private jet and remanded in an underground SSS(DSS) facility. He remained in prison detention for two years after a protracted bail hearing at the Federal High Court, Abuja. Justice Binta Nyako eventually granted him three-month bail to enable him bury his mother who had died during his incarceration".

Uwazuruike was charged with treason in 2005 at the Federal High Court, Abuja, before Justice Binta Nyako, the same judge currently handling Nnamdi Kanu's case. The then Attorney-General of the Federation, Bayo Ojo, SAN, represented the defendant before being replaced by Festus Keyamo. The case however did not proceed to the trial stage as the first two years were spent hearing Uwazuruike's bail application. He was finally granted bail in November 2007 without achieving anything.

From the above analysis of Uwazuruike's trial, it's unequivocally proven that his bail application was denied until he accepted a devilish offer to abandon his Biafra project which makes him to live in camouflage till this day.

But instead of Uwazuruike to inform his followers about what really transpired during his incarceration in SSS dungeon, he lied to Biafrans, MASSOB members and to the whole world, catching most people in his web of deception.

It was proven beyond reasonable doubt that in SSS(DSS) dungeon, Uwazuruike signed a document to abandon Biafra struggle. He traded Biafra freedom for personal aggrandisement and political fame. Uwazuruike turned MASSOB to political wing of highest bidder. No wonder he campaigned for PDP during 2015 general election and it is on record that the only successful rally he accomplished was electioneering campaign of some unscrupulous elements in the guise of diplomatic approach to the Biafra struggle.

Uwazuruike met his Waterloo when his followers noticed a sudden development of his riches, many estates in Owerri, landed properties and other uncountable ill-gotten wealth.

The clueless APC government led by African Hitler, Muhammadu Buhari brought forward the same strategy used against Uwazuruike to induce Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to abandon Biafra struggle but this time  around they are very unlucky and surprised to see a different man of honour and integrity.

With such adherence to his stand, pursuit of his ideology and holding fast of his integrity, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has corrected a fallacious propaganda peddled by Yoruba Lagos-Ibadan gutter media since the inception of the Islamic Republic of Nigeria which says 'Igbo man cherishes money more than anything'.
And the DSS, corroborating this fact says that 'anybody who was detained in their facility and didn't renounce Biafra struggle is very uncommon in the midst of commons'.
And with that, Kanu has proven to the world the importance of Biafra's freedom.

The awkward history of Uwazuruike would be incomplete without mentioning Biafra Independent Movement, BIM.

MASSOB members, having seen a 21st century Ifeajuna, came together and dethroned Ralph Uwazuruike, the traitor, and elected Uchenna Mmadu to be the leader of the new face of MASSOB.

Having betrayed Biafra struggle under the umbrella of MASSOB, and consequentially sacked, the drowning traitor, Ralph Uwazuruike, out of shame, jumped to establish BIM, which is indicative of the fact that BIM was born out of humiliation and frustration. 

Now, in the meantime, the sabotaged platform, MASSOB, is struggling to resuscitate its integrity and membership but unfortunately there's no amount of reorientation and image making that will ever bring MASSOB to the spotlight and public acceptance let alone the frustrated BIM.

I'm certain about the death of MASSOB and BIM because while all these cries of Uwazuruike's betrayal are prevalent, I had to visit Imo state, awhile ago and was privileged to have a chat with a person who I knew in the past to be a staunch member of MASSOB and follower of Uwazuruike but to my greatest surprise, he described Uwazuruike as a "Backstabber, Traitor, Saboteur and a Replica of Ifeajuna".

Recall that Ifeajuna betrayed Biafra struggle during the 1967-1970 Biafran war and was seen as an accursed man. The name 'Ifeajuna' is enough to attract Amadioha (God of thunder) to strike the bearer to death.

Meanwhile, according to the former MASSOB member, grasses have taken over Uwazuruike's compound; snakes and other wild animals are having a field day in Uwazuruike's house. What an acccursed man?

We should ask Uwazuruike why he is running away from his father's compound? What did he commit to voluntarily take to his heels? Because a man's cry is given-to and not voluntarily taken-by the way Uwazuruike the traitor has done. In a novel titled 'things fall apart' written by Chinua Achebe, Okonkwo was given man's cry for committing a sacrilege but in 'MASSOB fall apart', Uwazuruike voluntarily went on man's cry. An Igbo adage answers the questions: "when a fowl desecrate the land with fart, the ground will continue to pursue the fowl". What a taboo!

We should also be aware that Nnamdi Kanu was once a MASSOB member. But Kanu being a man of integrity found out that Uwazuruike had a different agenda which was totally different from the tenets of freedom fighting hence Kanu left the drowning and accursed Uwazuruike to fade away.

It should be clear now to everyone that Biafra struggle is not for MMM which Uwazuruike was a guider member. Biafra struggle is for chosen people, priestly and kingly people of God.

And it is already evident that Prince Nnamdi Kanu has Biafrans' mandate and Chukwu Okike (God the creator) who chose him for this struggle will never allow him to compromise and in the end, Biafra shall be restored.

Writte by Chinedu Solomon
Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams
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