The truth does not cease to exist when it is ignored. You cannot find peace by avoiding things. You have to feel it to heal it. Bring your fears and weaknesses front and center and shine a blazing spotlight on them. Because the only way out is truth. the pain of facing the truth is so worth it in the long run. Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer, and it’s far more useful in the end. Do things and build things that make a lasting difference. And above all, never confuse popularity with effectiveness. Being popular means you’re liked for a while. Being effective means you’ve made a difference.

That is why Nnamdi Kanu has shown the difference in the restoration of the Biafra nation that’s the way Boko haram was predicted, They later said nobody was sponsoring Boko Haram.
One thing I believe is that when this storm is over, the Hausa/Fulani will always take the worst share of it at last like Civil war, like Boko Haram, after 40years the Hausa /Fulani has the biggest Number of Beggars in Africa, Same way with Boko Haram, they were cheered on when they were attacking Christians and churches after 2 years, there are more IDP Moslems than Christians that were first targeted. So shall Fulani herdsmen end? since the so-called British oligarchy has allowed the Fulani bloodsuckers dominate Nigeria in the quest to Islamising all thereby being murderous. when it start backfiring it will affect them too. Nnamdi Kanu called Nigeria a Zoo.

Buhari arrested and illegally detained him proving his exact points, in the disobedience of court orders who have ordered for his release unconditionally twice and the extra-judicial killings of Biafrans by Army and police on the orders of Buhari.

Even to so many peoples who never cared much started paying attention after they saw his treatments without respect for the law. They have realized that he was right calling Nigeria a zoo and that what is happening to Nnamdi Kanu could happen to them. Nnamdi Kanu has gained more followers and support than they could have imagined. That's why he laughs during court cases, his mission is already accomplished because people have finally woken up to the reality that one Nigeria is indeed a fraud as said by Nnamdi Kanu.

The question you should be asking is: was Buhari really alive before?...dead or alive makes no difference, Nigeria was on autopilot since Buhari was sworn in and is still on autopilot. In fact, everything he touches becomes a colossal failure.

The rising number of people that want him dead shows how tired and frustrated people are with his administration. Abacha's death comes to mind, people took to the streets in wild jubilation on hearing he is dead, I won't be surprised if same fate befalls a man that is bent on ruling Nigeria by force despite his age and health status. in 1985 (was not born then but history told me that ) many Nigerians celebrated on the streets singing and chanting "Buhari, pack your load" after he was overthrown by IBRAHIM BABANGIDA WHY DID THEY CELEBRATE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Primarily because of the hunger in the land. Mind you after he was overthrown, he was jailed for about two years, and Nigerians didn't care about his state of health while in prison. Today, Nigerians are really not wishing him dead but are only wishing he should just go away by hook or by crook if he can't provide the solution to their heap of sufferings.His misplaced policies are not working yet he is adamant and insisting on staying on in spite of significant sufferings and death everywhere. What more can you wish such a person? Nigerians are fully aware their leaders don't resign while in power and are not expecting any different from Mr President.

Recently DSS on the others of Buhari laid siege in the wee hours of the night in a Christian clerics home over comments he said admonishing Christians to stand and defend themselves against Buhari led Hausa/Fulani herdsmen to attack Christians but there is a section of the Constitution that supports the self-defense on critical issues like such.

Guns and other deadly ammunitions were discovered in most mosques up north in Nigeria yet Buhari led DSS and army kept deaf and blind eyes to it. We hear every day how Islam clerics use mosque to preach 'hate' against Christians, they still kept mute. El-Rufai another Fulani blood sucking Muslim fanatic has come open countless times supporting the killings of Christians (including by silence) DSS/ were too lame to make moves.

Since security in Nigeria has been for only Islam, other religions are beginning to rise up to defend themselves. That's when DSS thinks they can act better in intimidating other religion. If Christians don't stand up now to defend themselves, then our spirits and children won't forgive us. We don't have Almajiri schools dedicated solely to the indoctrination of innocent minds to become fighters of a warped strand of your strange religion.

The president said worse things and has killed for power so where does he start to threaten anybody who says he will defend himself if threatened by your pugnacious kind? Your mosques all over northern Nigeria and Biafra land preach hate messages every Friday. How many people were arrested or prosecuted for the Sharia riots? Fulani herdsmen killings? How can a clan of murderers be intimidating peaceful humans with prosecutions and imprisonment when your hands are dripping with blood. You can imagine someone that made you lose your job. Why should he not die?


Someone that will go abroad for an ordinary ear infection with my tax money and when I go to government owned hospitals, I can’t get treatment, Why should he not die? Someone that enjoys 24hours power supply and I can’t get 5hours power in my house, too much heat, I use all my small pay to get fuel, Why should he not die? Someone that moves around with too many escorts of heavily armed security men and I go to a farm, and some herdsmen attacked me due to lack of safety in the country, why should he not die? 

Someone that has access to money anyhow he wants and as an employee, for 5months and counting, no salary, why should he not die? Someone that his kids attend the best schools in Europe, and his followers went to school abroad but can't pay their tuition fees due to lack of Forex except black market rate, why should he not die? Someone that came to power by force and a dollar was 260 but now 500, and am on the still same salary I was earning back then, Why should he not die? Someone that travel to London for vacation, I want to enjoy a holiday abroad, but I can’t, Why should he not die?

A terrorist, Muslim fanatic, a jihadist who is bent on exterminating Christians and Biafrans because they pose a threat to his evil agenda, why should he not die? Someone that promised change and now is in chains, why should he not die? Someone that said he has recovered stolen billions and no effect on the common man. Why should he not die? Someone who has continued the incarceration of a man who seeks for freedom of his people, the self-determination as it is enshrined in the Constitution, Why should he not die? Someone who is a paedophile, Why should he not die? An excerpt from Nnamdi Kanu stated, and I quote Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: A Prophet..?

#NNAMDIKANU, 6TH FEB. 2014 As they campaign vigorously for elections, you would think, they are coming to grow the economy, enthrone justice, breed unity, and tolerance, love for one another. No, they are coming to enthrone Hausa-Fulani supremacy, to reposition the security agencies by sacking all competent hands and replace them with their kinsmen to drive their ethnic domination of the south, the Fulani herdsmen will be armed and encouraged to slaughter us with impurity, and their masters will protect them. They are coming to ensure that my people are enslaved forever. Those who do not, believe me, will soon see it happen before their eyes.”

#NNAMDI KANU, 12 OCT 2014 “The Fulani will take over the entire South as a continuation of their age old agenda to Islamize Eastern Nigeria. They will brazenly seize our land in a pretence of creating grazing fields for the Fulani Herdsmen. Then the conquest will be completed, we will become their serfs forever.”

#NNAMDIKANU, 6TH NOV 2014 “Between Jonathan and Buhari, none is good for us. Freedom remains our only option, Jonathan is weak and confused, Buhari is a bloodthirsty tyrant, who will destroy the land with his parochial viewpoint. His kinsmen will take over the military and the security architecture of the land. Christians and Easterners will become endangered species; He will use the security apparatus to advance the agenda of his ethnic group. My people will suffer”

#NNAMDIKANU, 2ND DEC. 2014 “Then a group deadlier than Boko Haram will emerge, they will seize our farmland, rape our women, kill our people and their master will protect, defend and even arm them because their sole agenda is to enslave us forever.
Those who cannot see it now will soon see it. The hatred in their souls for my people is legendary. They do not see us as humans. They kill, they slaughter, they burn, and they destroy. Mindless bloodletting is in their DNA. My people are in trouble.”

#NNAMDI KANU, 16TH JAN 2015 “Unity flows with love and mutual respect. This artificial unity with people who see you as an infidel and unbeliever is fake and dangerous. We are better off on our own. They kill with impunity, yet they say we must stay together. They have only one agenda, to chase away Jonathan and enslave us forever.

They are coming with vengeance, anger, and revenge for the years they stayed out of power. They plan to intimidate, silence and enslave us. Their world view is so strange and different from ours, we are in big trouble.”

“All we ever wanted is freedom to realize our full potentials in the space of land God Almighty placed us on this planet, but there are persons whose agenda is to intimidate and dominate others.

They hate freedom, justice and fair play. They enslaved Northerners for centuries, they want to extend and replicate this dominating culture down South. They use terror as a weapon of intimidation, they have no regard for non-Muslims, they hate us with passion, yet they won’t let my people go.

Their only desire is to dominate and oppress others, once they are out of power; they immediately resort to either Pogrom (1966) Sharia law introduction (2000/2001) or Boko Haram (2011).

They are enemies of peaceful co-existence. We want freedom, we respect justice and equity, and above all, we respect the sanctity of human life. These people do not; they use terror to intimidate and subdue in order to rule over everybody else” all hail Biafra


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