By Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)
For Family Writers

The attention of Biafrans all over the world, Biafrans resident in all over the defunct Nigeria federation in particular have been drawn to the planned protest sponsored by power hungry political holocaust in Nigeria. The said nationwide protest which is to be held on 5th and 6th February 2017 will be organized by the popular Idoma-born musician, Mr. Innocent Ujah Idibia a.k.a 2Face.

Family Writers of Indigenous People of Biafra hereby issued a disclaimer notice to all Biafrans all over defunct Nigeria federation, Biafraland inclusive, that IPOB is not part of and does not support the dubious protest, and therefore warn Biafrans to stay away from any protest that is not ordered by Indigenous People of Biafra under the supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu De Great.

The whole world is hereby alerted that the hearts of Biafrans have left Nigeria and its affairs including protest in totality. Nigerians who supported and continue to support injustice, killings, humiliations and all forms of dehumanizing treatments against Biafrans must be ready to face the final frontier of plagues which Biafrans have decreed against this Babylon of West Africa called blood-sucking Nigeria until Nigeria completely dissolve back into River Niger and go back to Euphrates River in Babylon where Nigeria came from to suck the blood of my people. Biafrans, say no to any #IStandWith2Face protest around you and do not participate in it. If protest is not for Biafra, it is not for us.

Let me use this opportunity and tell Mr. Idibia a.k.a #2Face that the only thing that can avert the calamities enveloped and contained in the decreed plagues coming down from Heaven against this Babylon called Nigeria and those people bearing the nomenclature as identity is total dissolution of Nigeria. My happiness is that heaven and earth have now known my people with BIAFRANS as their identity. Let 2Face and his hungry followers nationwide begin to protest for total dissolution of Nigeria because that is only the escape route for any person identified as Nigerian at the moment from the plagues that is coming.

If any Biafran go out to join the protest of 2Face and his political godfathers for the betterment of Nigeria that is already laid in the grave awaiting burial sand, let the spirits of Biafrans killed by Nigeria govt continue pursue that person until.... I have decreed upon the watch!

I still remember my facebook interactions in 2015 with the Idoma Kinsmen of Mr. 2Face namely:  Engr Dan Atayi and Comrade Adah Eigege when I told them verbatim that Biafrans are not going to fight Nigeria physically but what is coming upon Nigeria is worse than WAR. They never take it serious because they do not know me very well. Adah Eigege told me that my decree will only come to pass if God is my uncle. Then I told him that uncle is too far lower than what God is to me, God is my heavenly FATHER who reveals his actions to me at his will. I ended by telling them to watch out!
Today is Nigeria not worse than a nation under war situation? Nigeria situation PRESENTLY is obviously worse than WAR.

Nigeria parliament, DEAD!
Nigeria judiciary, DEAD!
Nigeria economy, DEAD!
Nigeria security, DEAD!
Nigeria President, MISSING!

Nigerian youths under the control of 2Face, is it not time to protest for the dissolution of the establishment of Lucifer called Nigeria, when God sent him into Euphrates River of Babylon? Has Nigeria not suck enough blood of Biafrans, Shiites Muslims, Southern Kaduna indigenous people, Agatu people? These are questions from Family Writers of IPOB which need answers.

Instead of wasting time protesting with 2Face whose godfathers has paid hugely for the betterment of unworkable evil empire called Nigeria, channel the energy into a revolution that will bring to end the devilish nomenclature called Nigeria.

As for Biafrans, how can we go and join our enemies to protest? What has 2Face said to condemn killings of Biafrans since 2015? Say no to #IStandWith2Face protest.
Ñtị ga anụ ihe agaghị ara ka okpu-ata. I rest my case!



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