Niger delta militants

February 20, 2017

They came into limelight with a bang and the promise of bringing Nigeria's economy to Zero level and getting detached from the British creation; in all honesty they nearly achieved such historic fit until they silently went into oblivion. Avengers high command, hope you have not forgotten why you got involved in the struggle? It was for the betterment of your people and thus your struggle was the people's struggle.

Your intention was noble and this accounted for why Biafrans gave you their full support. They wanted you to restore the dignity  and the lost pride of your people.

You had vowed never to compromise the struggle until your people were liberated from the shackles of the cursed entity called Nigeria that was determined to keep your people perpetually enslaved.

Your initial actions against the Nigeria entity was very encouraging and enduring. We thought that you have come to bring Samson to Justice. We all thought that you have come to serve Justice to your people and ensure an end to their suffering. You vowed that you will not be bought by money until justice was done.

But within a blink of an eye things changed, your website and twitter account became desolate, within a twinkle of an eye the mighty Avengers activated sleeping mode and seemed silenced with money and the Nigerian tale of impossible "restructuring deceit".

Do you know the implication of falling for the "restructuring bait?" It is because of the proceeds they benefit from the oil that flows in your land that they will continue to keep you in bondage. Nnamdi Kanu has educated severally on Radio Biafra broadcasts that it is the highest display of stupidity for one to be bribed with his or her inheritance.

It is your land and you have been deprived of its meaningful usage. Your land  ought to be your heritage.  Nature has made it yours but out of gullibility you allowed the Hausa-Fulanis and their counterparts, the Yorubas have full access to your land, taking charge of your oil and making you "watchman" of the oil pipe lines; if that is not foolishness of the highest order, perhaps I need to be enlightened on what it is.

The dreaded and fearless group of freedom fighters seem to have settled for peanut offered in the course of negotiating with the Buhari-led murderous government. The Avengers must realise that backing out of this noble cause automatically signifies approval for the continous marginalization of their people, rape of their mothers and killing of their people, while they keep watch over the pipelines.

Avengers why have you chosen to betray the trust reposed in you by your people? Why did you give your people the hope of freedom from slavery and death when you knew you were not going to finish off Nigeria as promised? why did you choose to stop the gallant step you took in destroying Nigeria and seeking for self-determination which was yielding tremendous results and thus reverberated round the globe?

It is on record that within two months you crippled Nigeria's oil and power sector, thereby leaving the British enterprise on the brink of total extinction, so why have you settled for empty promises of this lying/murderous government? Why did you choose to cow out of the struggle when the ovation was set to get loud?

Whatever your reasons are, it is important you get your act together by borrowing a leaf from the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu who always said that consistency is key in whatever endeavour a man embarks upon, especially with regards to freedom fighting and that is why he has chosen to remain in Nigerian prison rather than betray his people. He has always maintained and stood by his mantra "Biafra or death." This implies that he would rather be dead than to betray his people for any amount of bribe.

If you don't get back on track and salvage the little hope and trust bestowed upon you by your people, when time comes, they will not only remember those involved in killing them but will equally recall how after promising never to betray the cause, later fell for the bait of their killers to kill off their last hope of getting liberated from the shackles of marginalization, slavery and death.

Remember freedom is not freely given but must be demanded by the oppressed. Do you think that you have honestly gotten what you demanded by settling for mere promise of restructure by a government that is known for lying perenially? 

Do you think the money you were silenced with is enough to exchange for your people's freedom?

We hope these thought provoking questions will rejuvenate the undying zeal with which you started this journey to freedom. your name is "Avengers"; you are yet to live up to that name and as a matter of utmost importance, duty calls.



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