Bola Ahmed Tinubu

February 20, 2017

By Onyekachi M Ogbonnia

Time is the greatest weighing balance and approval of every spoken word and genuinely ideology and visions.

Recall that on May 9, 2013. There was a Memoir of a Nigerian career Diplomat, by Ambassador Oladapo Fafowora, at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs ( NIIA), Victoria Island Lagos. The Memoirs was titled let's I forget, but Asiwija Bola Tinubu called it a rare enrichment of our essence as Nigerians.

Some of the Nigerian dignitaries that grazed that occasion were: Gen. Yakubu Gowon former Nigeria Head of state, who most appropriately is the chairman of that very event. Mr Babatunde Fashiola, Governor of Lagos state, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Lagos former infrastructural commissioner, Kayode Fayemi, Ekiti state Governor, Chief Emeka C. Anyoku, former Commonwealth Secretary General. Mr Gbenga Ashiru, Minister of Foreign Affairs, etc.

However, on that occasion platform Mr Asiwija Bola Tinubu, praised Gowon for his great efforts in keeping Nigeria one.  He recognised Mr Gowon as one of the father's of Nigeria as a Nation. Mr Tinubu equally quoted one of his war jingle which says: Go on with one Nigeria which is attributed to GOWON.

In his further speech, he said in a quote, and I quote: Make no mistakes ladies and gentlemen, Nigeria civil war was unfortunate, everyone was a victim. For that, we should accept the mutual sympathy and apologies of one another.

This is where I disagreed with you Mr Tinubu. Everyone wasn't  victims rather Biafrans were the victims of Biafra civil war. Because the civil war ensued because of the Biafrans oils and in the quest to enslave Biafrans via British government help and own it. Hausa-Fulani and Yorubas teamed up with the help of British gov. against BIAFRANS in that war. Therefore BIAFRANS were the victims of that war due to the envy of their God's given natural resources. History must be set straight here.

Also, Tinubu went further to urged Nigerians never to take unity of one Nigeria for granted. Now I asked, Since 2013 till date, how many Tinubu's strong statement were seen condemning the killings of BIAFRANS or Christians all over Nigeria as to back up this strong one  Nigeria unity of his? 

How many strong statements of Tinubu have we heard condemning the burning of Biafrans markets and demolition of shops at Lagos, Kano and Kaduna as is a great threat to one Nigeria unity? How many Tinubu's strong statements have we heard condemning the Emir's kidnapping of BIAFRANS young girls and using them as sex slaves as that threatens the unity of one Nigeria? How many Tinubu's statements is condemning the unequal distribution of federal allocations as that threatens the unity of one Nigeria?  

How many times have Mr Tinubu condemns the actions of Fulani militias over their killings as that threatens the unity of one Nigeria? Etc You see the simple answer is CAPITAL NONE. So this is a great sycophantic lie and statements when it is obvious that one Nigeria is a great scam ever envisaged in the history of humanity.

It is very obvious that Mr Tinubu and his cohorts are making a mockery of BIAFRANS through his statement that says: Enough Igbo's, Nigeria civil war was unfortunate, and everyone was a victim, according to news You see how very wise your claims are, out of greed of oil benefits you equally sell out your people ( Yorubas) into slavery under the scam of one Nigeria, very incongruous and preposterous indeed.

Besides, I thank God for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for opening our eyes and minds. Divide and rule antics is now a history. Therefore I call on world powers, world leaders, UN Secretary-General, etc. To help free Biafra from this conception called Nigeria, for we are not one people. What we have here are looters instead of leaders, lepers instead of elders,  liars and visionless men instead of honest and creativity men. For Biafra is our origin, Biafra is our identity, Biafra is our only hope.

Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by IPOB writers
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