The Ekiti State House of Assembly on Wednesday criticised those calling for the’illegal removal’ of the state Governor, Ayodele Fayose, telling them to first send President Muhammadu Buhari packing before embarking on a futile journey.

Accusing them of being ignorant of the provisions of the constitution of Nigeria, the Assembly also said the people were jobless mediocres who were only being used by their paymasters who had been rejected at the polls by the people of the state.

In a veil reference to Buhari, the legislators said, “there is one at their backyard in Abuja, that Nigerians are already clamouring for his removal for not keeping to his electoral promises, coupled with high handedness, subjection of Nigerians to hunger and deprivation, untoward hardships and tendency to dictatorship and absolutism  as a result of flagrant disobedience to court orders.

“They can easily call for the democratic removal of the one in Abuja that we are talking about without necessarily mentioning names but if we are really pressed further, we will be forced to name names in our next reply,” they said.

The Ekiti lawmakers, who stressed that they and the people of the state had no apology for standing by Fayose, spoke through their Speaker, Kola Oluwawole, in Ado-Ekiti on Wednesday.

They were reacting to a statement credited to a group, the Coalition for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption, which said in Abuja on Tuesday that Fayose must be removed from office.

“Those calling for the removal of Governor Ayodele Fayose are nothing but political jesters and theatre art practitioners masquerading as activists.

“Unfortunately, they are speaking from Abuja and not from Ekiti, thus they have no jurisdiction to cry more than the bereaved in the first instance about government and governance in Ekiti State.

“The EKHA would have ignored these marauders, but they need to be aware of the following facts. The Office of the Governor of Ekiti State is established in Part 2, Section 176 (1) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended for a period of four years herein called the term of office and Section 180 (1) listed all extraneous conditions that can make an occupant to cease to hold the office as a governor.

“Also, Section 189(1) of the same constitution listed the extraneous conditions of removing the governor of a state through the House of Assembly.

“Nowhere was it stated that some drunkards can gather after a binge night out and ask for the removal of a sitting and performing governor with executive powers as conferred by Section 176 (2) of the constitution.”

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