The Imbecility Of One-Nigerianists

Friday, January 6, 2017.  13:41

An imbecilic child is a disappointment to his family, kindred, village, community, state, country and the world at large. This anomaly tends not to exasperate when it is unavoidably natural as it does when it is humanly induced.

An imbecile is someone whose brain, reasoning and processing capacity is extremely retarded, and as such is intellectually disabled. Even when he is 40years old, he is still unable to reason like a grown up nor able to understand like an adult.

I have tried teaching such a person before but I only wasted my time and effort. In my time with the imbecile, I found out that they have very short memories. Their brains which control all other parts of their bodies are very dull which inevitably affect their hearing, reasoning, speeches, walk and behaviour.

They probably have quick loss of memory or intermittent function of brain cells hence they are too forgetful and spend a lot of time, energy and resources to learn new good things.

Even when they are taken abroad for a long time, they would not learn new things instead they spoil things around them.

Such description above may not be apt to represent a one-Nigerianist because unlike the imbeciles, one-Nigerianists see fire destroying people's lives and property yet they refuse to douse the fire.

Before 1914, there was no Nigeria until Flora Shaw, a British journalist and writer who was the wife of Fredick Lugard, after allegedly drinking Palm wine and getting intoxicated, coined the name "Niger Area" which is called Nigeria today.

To show that one-Nigerianists are less than imbeciles, they have not asked themselves some critical questions about their nationhood.

Since they are imbecilic enough to such extent that they can't reason out some questions, let me put up some simple ones, although they can't reason out the answers nor can they make good use of  the answers when they hear them...

Firstly, Is Nigeria an invention of a Blackman? Or was it formed by anyone from among the components that constituted it? Was it an agreement reached by the people involved?

The anwser is NO. The name Nigeria(Niger Area) was coined by a White-woman called Flora Shaw and people from AREWA extraction, ODUDUWA Kingdom and BIAFRA Republic were forcefully joined by Fredrick Lugard and given that name Nigeria  (Niger Area).

This experiment of Fredrick Lugard has not worked as the component parts that made up Nigeria are incompatible, an observation which the almagamator made and posited that the South and North are like oil and water that can never mix but nevertheless could not alter it because of obvious British economic interest.

Fredrick Lugard acting in the interest of Britain formed Southern protectorate on 1st January 1900 and after Sokoto caliphate was conquered in 1903, Northern protectorate was formed.

Later on 1st January 1914, Fredrick Lugard amalgamated the Northern and Southern protectorate for easy flow of resources positing that the north are poor and uneducated.

Since the forceful combination of the elements of this compound, Nigeria, are not producing the favourable result, as it can be seen that some components are born-to-rule, killers and religious extremists, why still allow this experiment to continue?

An imbecile when kept under the sun would seek to go to a shielded area when the heat becomes unfavourable yet one-Nigerianists tend to look less than imbeciles as they prefer being burnt in the heat of the sun than leave.

One-Nigerianists who are Nigerians, how many Whitemen's countries have you gone to almagamate?

The answer is none. If the answer is none and you are still protecting the interest of Lugard and Britain, then you must be less than an imbecile. If you can't go to force Whitemen to live together against their will and you are still defending one-Nigeria then you are less than an imbecile.

If the British that forced you to live together against your wish are opting out of the European Union they entered, and you are congratulating them for doing so but refusing to move for dismemberment of Nigeria which obviously is destroying people on daily basis, then you must be less than an imbecile.

If you have travelled abroad especially to developed countries and have seen how comfortable life is: their medical services, educational services, infrastructural facilities, governmental policies, respect for the rule of law and human rights, security agencies' behavioural attitudes etc yet you come back and see your people in deplorable state whereas you or your leaders are looting funds meant for developing your state or country and you are saying one-Nigeria, then you are less than an imbecile.

If you see pro-Biafra activists protesting peacefully against the unlawful detention of their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, and security operatives in Nigeria shoot them dead, and AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL reports and condemns it yet the reason for killing the protesters extra-judicially is

just for keeping Nigeria one for which same reason National Assembly refuses to set a panel of investigation to look into the killings as they go unabated and a judge is blackmailed into allowing secret trial of  Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB who was accused openly, yet you are still strongly shouting one-Nigeria, then you are not only less than an imbecile but 'you are completely mad'.

If the rule of law thrive in civilised countries and courts' orders are obeyed by the government and the judiciary is allowed to do its job without executive interference but coming to Nigeria, you see Muhamadu Buhari showing disregard to courts' orders as well as intimidating judges and ordering their homes to be invaded unlawfully, yet you are preaching one Nigeria, then the next invasion, unlawful arrest, detention and killing may be yours.

If Muhamadu Buhari's government supports the freedom of Palestinians and Western Saharan People but remains stiff-necked at suppressing Biafra Republic, showing commitment to the killing of pro-Biafrans extra-judicially who either were praying, protesting or remembering their fallen heros, and you have not spoken out against it but rather preaching one Nigeria, then you are less than a human being.

Some one-Nigerianists are saying that Biafrans would not be able to govern their country if they are allowed to be on their own.  But I want them to worry less about what becomes of the Biafrans after they are freed. Let me ask them. Before the Whitemen went to invade Biafra, were Biafrans not living in peace with one another? If they were in peace with one another until they were joined with Hausa/Fulani killers, then they can do better now if they are freed from Hausa/ Fulani-British Nigeria and such freedom is at hand.

Therefore, whether Muhamadu Buhari, Britain and you like it or not Nigeria's wall is badly cracked and awaiting eventual collapse because it was man-made and like all other man-made structures shall fall and cease to exist in no distant time because the leader of Biafrans shall soon regain his freedom and Biafra will be restored.

Written by Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by Mazi Collins
For IPOB writers



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