Rotimi Amaechi sit with President Muhamadu Buhari at a function

It has been reliably gathered from insider sources that embattled transportation minister, Rotimi Amaechi, in a bid to court the support of the Kaduna Mafia, the top echelon of President Muhammadu Buhari’s arm of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The APC bloc, who were formerly of the CPC, has conceded to facilitate a grand plan by the body to implant Islam by political proxy across the south of Nigeria in order to be assisted to electoral victory.

Amaechi who had rebuffed advances made to him in the past to champion the agenda, was said to finally give in based on the successive electoral losses he had suffered in the past, as a face saving measure to redeem his blighted standing in the region.

The legislative re-run elections for Rivers federal and state representatives hold on Saturday, December 10, 2016. During a campaign rally on Wednesday, Amaechi openly called on APC supporters to use violence against opposition party members.

Our sources confirm that the same agenda is playing out in Edo and Ondo States where the recently elected governors fully accepted the offer and had their elections railroaded on their behalf without much issues. This was said to be the major reason former Governor Amaechi finally gave in to the plan.

Amaechi had previously frowned at the move on the basis of his Catholic faith and his concern about a disturbing reputation of betraying the interest of Rivers people, which he had planned on redeeming with an electoral victory. But as he would have it, such a victory eluded him until he finally gave in to the plan.

It is alleged that Governor Nasir El Rufai, a close ally of Rotimi Amaechi, first broached the issue with him. But sources said, it was promptly rebuffed by the minister. However, the successive electoral difficulty of Mr. Amaechi, believed to be engineered by handlers within the caliphate, led to the eventual breaking of the camel’s back.

Nigeria Transportation minister, Rotimi Amaechi

Mr. Amaechi is said to be on oath to hand the South over to the North and lead the charge to “soak the Koran in the Atlantic Ocean” as prophesied by Utman Dan Fodio as the basis for qualifying to run on a joint presidential ticket with a yet to be named insider of the Mafia in the 2019 presidential race. Although, El Rufai is being touted to be the unnamed individual, much is still shrouded in secrecy.

A request for comment sent to Amaechi, as well as a spokesperson, was not returned.

In a mega rally of the APC in Port Harcourt, a member of the mafia, the Governor of Kano State, Umar Ganduje called for violent resistance by members of the APC against those planning to resist rigging in Rivers State, while his Bauchi State counterpart who also spoke in Hausa called for the repossession of Rivers State, which he described as the treasure and heritage of the North.

As at the time of preparing this report, Rivers State is said to be highly charged with residents expressing disgust at the comments of the APC governors.

The inspector general of police while visiting the state Governor Nyesom Wike, has called for calm, assuring that there’s adequate security to maintain the peace. An assurance many consider with great suspicion.

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