Niger Delta Militants

One of the militant groups operating in the Niger Delta, Oro Freedom Fighters, OFF, has issued a 14-day ultimatum to President Muhammadu Buhari, to heed to its demand for the announcement of Niger Delta Republic or face the battle from its Hong Kong-trained 50-man battalion.

They claim the 50-man battalion will be arriving Oro Nation later this week.

The message came through the Spokesman of the group, General Hakuna, where they threatened to storm Nigeria with a 50-man battalion.

The group had earlier demanded the creation of Atlantic state from the Buhari-led administration.

The militants in the new message say that they are training 50-man battalion in Hong Kong to combat Buhari’s soldiers.

According to them, “Mr President, the OFF have count beyond patience on your refusal to embracing peace in Nigeria. May it interest you to know that Nigeria is not meant for one man, but for everyone including the generation yet unborn.

“It is a fact that without damages in Nigeria you will not seek for dialogue. Never pray for damages because it will take the lives of many of your loved ones.

“From your military regime to the electoral, you posed to fight corruption and indiscipline whereas there is a good whole number of such at the peak starting from you.

“The looter’s money are not accountable, the citizen's dead rate on starvation are innumerable. Though many may pretend to be silent, OFF will not.

“Rights activists will be jailed, but the corrupt artisans will be locked up in the office.

“Take it or leave it, the OFF fifty-man soldiers trained in Hong Kong will be arriving Oro Nation on the 11th of November.



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