Published by Mazi Collins on Monday, November 28, 2016.

Day in, day out
From the prison speak,
I am a righteous soul
My family knows this,
My friends told me so
And my followers
Are proud of me.

Once again,
I will be laughing
In the sad gift
Of dark courtroom
Filled with spite
Of a gentle old beast
With sullied hand
With ugly mind.

Today in prison,
Punished for who l am,
For what l have,
For what l can do
for what l can achieve.

Such a time of they had;
But gave it away,
What they have,
Not known how
To keep it

Such a time of it they had;
To live in oneness
To live as a family
To live and let live

Beast like,
They keep hurting
Till the burning heat,
Of the day,
Grew wider
Then came,
The hot afternoon sun
That burnt skin dark

I am the shield
The  comforter
The  councillor
The  shadow,
That covers many skin

The truth remains
That the skin burnt
Is the flesh of my children
The oil in their food,
Is the blood of my children
Brimming up
Day and night,
Crying for justice

And that, if it overflows
All mouth will be filled with blood
When vomit all
That have been eaten
When l will take back
All that have been taken

Now brethren,
Every minute, every hour
Do the needful
Remain fearless
Remain resolute
Relent not
Succumb not

The hour has come,
The cloudy day,
The thunderstorm,
The lightning strike
The rainfall

In one voice you shall speak,
In one heart you shall work
In one accord you shall stand.

Keep on, keeping on,
Freedom awaits us all
Now, that the going,
get tough,
We the toughs
Get going,
To get the land
Where unit stand
By all that oneness is
Where integrity upholds
By all that a nation is
Where right is given
By all that freedom is
Where justice reign
By all that law is
Where we shall sing
And shout,
All hail Biafra,
Land of the rising sun!!!

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia.
Edited by Mazi Collins
For IPOB writers


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