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November 28, 2016.

Nigeria is a country built on lies right from her foundation during the amalgamation in 1914.   The British colonialists headed by Governor Frederick Lugard was very much aware of the differences amongst the ethnic groups he was about to put together in other to achieve imperialistic economic interest of the colonial master Britain.  

The evidence from 1960 independence national anthem, the part which read "Though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand."   Can any Nigerian show me a proof of this?  We have forged ahead to be one indivisible country for more than a century but have the following as the only GOOD OUTCOME: -

1. GREED:  The exploitation of Biafra's natural resources by greedy Northern and Western Nigeria rulers  and some unscrupulous slave traders/so-called elites/politicians or cowards/backward leaders in Biafra land, with little or no regards for the well-being and adequate compensation for the owners of the land where the resources are extracted from, not only that, the well-being of every other ordinary people that call themselves Nigerians.  

2. HATE:   This is common in everyday life in Nigeria.  so-called Northern Nigerians (AREWAS)  hate the Biafrans; the SO CALLED WESTERN Yorubas hate the Biafrans, why should the Biafrans be the only side that have shown love for the so-called one Nigeria?    IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THERE ARE NO YORUBAS OR HAUSAS THAT LOVE THE Biafrans. There are still good people out there.  I WILL PROVE THAT LATER IN MY CONCLUSION.
3. RELIGION AND CULTURE:  The difference in culture and religion is as clear as daylight.  There should be tolerance and respect for other ethnic groups religious beliefs, but this is very very far from the truth considering the past and present inconsiderate massacre, wanton destruction and burning of churches of Christian faith regardless of who is inside the buildings during the rage.  It is still going on up till today.

4. VALUE SYSTEM  AND GOVERNANCE: All the CLANS that make up Biafra land are known to be Republicans from ancestral time. The Arewas are known to be Oligarchs from ancestral time while the Oduduwas are known to be Monarchs from ancestral time. 

Go do research and find out what this value systems/governance are and that is why we Biafrans talk the way we talk and do things the way we do and people say we are arrogant or disrespectful, we inherited REPUBLICANISM from our ancestors, and it is what we call our culture. There is nothing anyone can do about it. America is built on Republican ideology, and that is why they do things the way they do.
Democracy has Republican ideology, and Arewas and Oduduwas will never understand what DEMOCRACY means because it is not their culture. 

GREED IS THE DRIVING FORCE behind the slogan of indivisible one Nigeria.  It is true because, after the Nigeria/Biafra war, we did not learn any lesson from the causes.  Nigeria hid the truth from Nigerians, swept the ugly crime to humanity under the rug and wished it went away and at the same time laid ugly destructive foundation and path that it follows up till today.   Nigeria felt that she won the war . Therefore, anything goes, they can do anything without being questioned.  The very actors that played a part in that genocidal war are the same actors at the stage now since after the war.  

They have forgotten that the war cost over 3 million Biafran lives not including that of Nigerian soldiers.  They have also forgotten that they won the war with the help of three (3) world powers namely The British, America and Russia who supplied Nigerian government with tons of ammunition and warplanes, will not fail to mention the Egyptian pilots who made the bombing runs. They forgot that it took them three years to accomplish that task.  

These very actors that have ruled Nigeria are the same ones that have embezzled Nigeria's wealth.  They are all billionaires and from where did they get the billions? Biafra Oil/Gas resources.  YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO FOLLOW THE SO-CALLED CORRUPTION TRAIL AND TRACK THE BILLIONS.   Name any ex-military Head of State that have ruled Nigeria,  check his place of origin and how much billions to his bank account.  How much did you notice?   

WHERE HAVE THEY INVESTED THE MONEY?  Oversea banks in Britain, United Arab Emirate (UAE) in recent times and others countries of the world, running the economy of those foreign countries while unemployment and economic degradation is the order of the day here at home the worst being Biafra land.  The same countries with the exception of Russia are still active players in what happens in Nigeria today.   We are not independent from them. They still pitch us against ourselves and we kill ourselves daily with little regard to human lives and rigged elections and results.
Hate and venomous utterances are very common in our everyday life.  This is the guiding principle as to how we see one tribe against the other . Hence, we could see nothing good in another tribe. Even as I am writing this, I do not envision that going away.  It is deeply rooted and cannot be uprooted.  (Out of the abundant of the heart, the mouth speaketh).  Check back to see the feedback.

Why should Nigeria make laws that she does not follow when it applies to a particular region?  I AM USING REGION FOR REFERENCE AND TRUTH because the North and the West have been conducting themselves in such a manner with their words and actions towards the East.  If you go back to the question of greed, you can now see why so many states were created. Go through pre- 2015 election campaigns and the ugly incidents that took place before that election and what would have been if Jonathan had won that election.  It is an act of God and thanks to God that he did not win or even contest the outcome of the election.

A.  Why are the Biafrans the only ones that are constantly being killed in the North and West?  ONE NIGERIA? 
B.  Why are the Biafrans the ones that have chosen to invest and live in the North and West but only to be asked to get out and go back to Biafra?  ONE NIGERIA?
Now we are willing and ready to go. Oh, ONE NIGERIA STILL?
C.  Why is it that promises made to some sections of the Biafra are not fulfilled?  ONE NIGERIA?
D.  Why are the infrastructures, logistics and industrial capitals nonexistent in Biafra?  ONE NIGERIA? 

E.  Why is Nigeria a government for the Northern and Western Nigerians?  Please before you start cursing, be open minded and check, the previous government's appointments and compare it to present governments appointments.  Check the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Nigerian Police commanders, from The Commander in Chief down to the military sergeants, see their make ups.  Also, check the composition of Army Division and Battalion officers stationed all over Biafra who is commanding them.   ONE NIGERIA?

F.  Why are the Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram causing a lot of havoc in all parts of Biafra land and so-called Middle Belt region and you have soldiers assigned to protect them?   No war or state of emergency were declared on the Herdsmen who kidnap Biafran Chiefs and their citizens and butcher them in cold blood.  These herdsmen are well armed as much as the soldiers.  Why will NIGERIA order to shoot innocent civilians who were not armed with, gun, knife, dagger or even a stick?  They were killed in Onitsha 29/30 of May 2016, Enugu, Warri, Port Harcourt and the famous brutal, unprovoked February 9th Aba killings.


The Police and military commanders lied about it until the video surfaced.

G.  Why are the newspapers that cover Biafran issues confiscated by Joint Nigerian forces, and nobody is saying anything?    Why are they prevented from listening to Radio Biafra?   ONE NIGERIA?  But the North have imperial foreign broadcast station The North and West have their Newspapers, and they are not censored, why Biafra Media outlets?  It is because the truth is bitter and the government will do anything to prevent Nigerians from knowing the crimes they are committing in Biafra land even as of time of this writing. ONE NIGERIA?  Freedom of speech and expression have been grossly violated with respect to Nigerian constitution.  Let the people listen and decide what the truth is. 

H. The Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Yusuf Tukur Buratai and Police Chief Solomon Arase were the ones who declared little or no tolerance on Biafran demonstrators in Onitsha in August 2015 and ordered that they should be dealt with or “crushed”.  Yes, the unarmed demonstrators were shot in cold blood for asking for their right and freedom.  Their action was supported by President Buhari, who confirmed to the world that he could not stomach Biafrans.  He also forgot that most of the soldiers that initially fought Boko Haram and got killed were Christian Biafrans who thought they were fighting Nigerian terrorists.   


If the Head of State does not want a particular region, Why is he fighting to keep Indivisible and one Nigeria?  I know the answer and you as well do. I have already pointed it out.   But in case you failed to know; kill all as many Biafrans as much as possible and take over their land and wealth.  The Governor of Jigawa have already proclaimed the ownership of Nigerian oil resources by telling the whole world that Biafra oil resources in (Delta region) belongs to Jigawa.  What a nerve.  The Biafrans are not therefore loved or wanted other than the wealth Nigeria derive from their land.

Why is Nnamdi Kanu still being held in Kuje prison despite being found not guilty and granted bail by two competent courts of jurisdiction?  There is no respect for the rule of law in Nigeria, from the top to the bottom of the government institution.  

A president who is bloodthirsty, brutal, lacks respect for other people's opinion, sees justice only through his own eyes  and every other person is irrelevant, a president who lacks intellectual ability, a president who does not understand the workings of international law and order as well as  respect for humanity, a president who does not understand the workings of the economic system, a president whose lifestyle and means of communication is through the barrel of the gun, is the president that committed treason and not Nnamdi Kanu who only asked for his freedom and that of his fellow Biafrans.  

You are meant to be seen and not heard; this has been Buhari's order of procedure towards the Biafrans.  Do not be fooled, give Buhari 1 foot, and he will take ten.  Whatever he is doing to Nnamdi Kanu is the same thing he is going to do to other government branches whether you like it or not because nobody has challenged his actions since they are directed towards Biafrans as of now.

NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS, if it is not hate, what is it? ONE NIGERIA?


We very much understand and agree on the religious and cultural differences and the need not go deep into that because it is as clear as daylight.  Keep your religion and culture and I will keep mine and will not in any way try to convince you to switch.   If you decide to change your religion, that will be up to you.  One thing is clear; I will not murder you, burn your church and chase you away.  That is religious intolerance.  This is common in Northern Nigeria.  
What is Nigerian president doing and saying about it and not to exclude some Northern Governors JUST NOTHING? 

Edited by Mazi Collins
For IPOB writers


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