While the Lower Niger Congress’ official statement on the outcome of US 2016 Presidential Elections is being finalized, I will hint our folks here that the position the LNC as an organization took on the directions as candidates emerged, is anchored on a thoroughly researched institutional memory, especially as touching on the Igbo Question in Nigeria.

Key amongst the issues considered were (1) the fact that the 1968 US Presidential Elections the brought Nixon, was decided largely by the question of the genocide in Biafra in which the Democratic Administration headed by President LB Johnson was in cahoots with the Britain for economic considerations, even as orf Americans writhed in pain and aguish, sacrificing much to try to save the dying children in Biafra, to the point where 20 years college boy Bruce Mayrock set himself on fire at the UN, in protest to what the US Government was doing with Biafra.

Those who know, will confirm that the emergence of Republican Nixon radically altered what the consequences of losing the war for the surviving Biafrans could have been.

Yes, assets were confiscated and punitive policies that reduce Eastern Nigeria to the dreg of the Nigerian political space, were imposed. The proposal by Northern Hawks in the Gowon War Cabinet, led by Usman Katsina, governor of Northern Region, about wiping off the surviving males in Biafra, was blocked by the emergence of the Republican administration in the US.

Many here would remember the name: Henry Kissinger.

Fast forward to 2011-2015.

By commission or omission, it was again a Democratic Party administration that spearheaded and supervised the frustration and extirpation of the providential  opportunity to reverse the enslavement of Eastern Nigeria by the conspiratorial alliance of the Nigeria, when it aided the vicious hounding and ousting of a Jonathan that was heading irreversibly in the direction of revisiting the foundations of Nigeria.

We saw John Kerry, interfere door-to-door with the 2015  Election, foisting an extremist Caliphate hawk who robustly participated in that gory genocidal episode, on Nigeria as President, Buhari, and who immediately resumed the unfinished 1966-70  business of annihilating Easterners, especially Nd’Igbo.

I was directly involved in the hot part of the marauding that took place and we very narrowly got Jonathan escaping the re-enactment of the Ironsi treatment and the consequential 3.5 million deaths in Eastern Nigeria. (Nothing partisan in terms of PDP or APC, plain life-and-death disputations between the Caliphate and “the slave” from Otuoke).

It is not that Donald Trump the individual, will go out of his way to do anything spectacular for Eastern Nigeria as some Biafran Propagandists naively peddle, but his emergence removes from Washington, the enablers of the tormentors of the Eastern Region and creates a huge vista of opportunities for Eastern Nigeria to engage the existential challenges confronting it in Nigeria.

Again, on behalf of the LNC, I have been directly involved in the Washington-New York Diplomatic Tunnels on the issues relating to the Eastern Nigeria Question in Nigeria.

On the other hand, those now in Abuja (or maybe I should say, Daura) with whom John Kerry and his Principals in Washington worked, to wrought the change we now have which ruinously aggravates the already terrible situation in Eastern Nigeria, already know that they have a new reality in their hands.

The rampaging, bloodletting Islamic movement in Nigeria has suffered a heavy blow this morning.

Tony Nnadi is a leader of the Lower Niger Congress, an organisation that advocates for a UN-supervised referendum to decide the structure of Nigeria. Connect with him on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.



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