November 27, 2016.
Edited by Mazi Collins

Since I was born, I have always heard people use the phrase "Fool me once I learn but fool me twice then I'm stupid."
Can a reasonable person fool himself?

Nigeria President, Muhamadu Buhari has successfully fooled America under the Obama administration telling them that he needs weapon to fight Boko Haram meanwhile he is using  it to kill innocent and unarmed Biafrans, the latest amnesty report reveals how the Nigerian Army shot and killed 150 Pro-Biafra protesters, He asked his own led faction of Boko Haram to disguise as herdsmen, go into prisons and release Boko Haram members imprisoned by GEJ,  he is now deploying them to  Biafra land to kill and maim innocent Biafrans.

He has decided to readopt the civil war strategy of hunger and starvation used by Awolowo to kill Biafrans, he started by frustrating the Biafra business men by seizing dollars in CBN and making it available to the Northern Muslims who sell it at the rate they like in other to stop the Biafrans from doing international trade which they are known for.

All these things are deliberately put in place to frustrate the Southerners, put them on death role of hunger, and force them to accept Islam. But he has always failed because KARL MARX said it that "When a man is very intelligent, very brilliant, very crafty and extremely wicked, he ends up being very stupid ".

Yes this is true because the more he punishes the South, the more the North dies, no wonder the Bible said in Lam 3:37 that who will say it and it comes to pass when the Lord has not spoken, Buhari wants the South to die of hunger but the North is dying rather because God in 1 Sam 2:6 confirmed that he owns life and he owns death.

So Buhari has tried all evil tools available to him but has always failed, he could not succeed even after he killed uncountable innocent Biafrans, yet he does not seem to realise he has failed. He failed because he failed in all his thinking, he failed in ignoring all the advice people offered to him.

He told Israel that Palestine deserves to be independent even when it is on records that there was no nation known as Palestine in the historic map, this man is also the same that is supporting the separation of the Saharans from Morocco and here in the US a few days ago he said Biafra would never have her independence referendum, what a blatant hypocrisy, he thinks he is fooling the world, but the truth is he is fooling himself rather.

Nnamdi Azikiwe
Said and I quote, "When a man knows not and does not know that he knows not, he is a foolish, teach him he will not understand ".
Buhari thinks that he is fooling the world.

 I am afraid because what happened to Nebokadnezer will soon happen to him because no man can stop Biafra except Chukwu Okike Abiama himself who has already ordained this nation Biafra.

We are watching with keen interest to see how the mighty hands of God will humble all the proud and arrogant enemies of Biafra. God has a time table for our freedom, and I see it becoming clear on Monday 26th September 2016 when the Judge of heaven and earth will make foolish the Government and evil President of the Zoological Republic of this Islamic contraption called Nigeria.

All hail Biafra. All hail Biafra. All hail Biafra.

Written by Chukwuka Adams
For  IPOB writers


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