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Nigeria: #Pro-Biafra Massacre; The Buried Truth Has Beed Exhumed

November 26, 2016.

I must complement the report of the Amnesty International on the brutal crack down on innocent unarmed IPOB protesters in the zoo called Nigeria; I suppose it is entirely proper.

The Amnesty International has unequivocally reported that the Nigerian Army and their co-murderers like the Navy, the Air Force, the police, the DSS and all other criminal accomplices of the armed forces of Nigeria have in their joint evil efforts murdered at least 150 peaceful Pro-Biafra activists between August 2015 and August 2016. This report is indeed very important in history.

I think something is fundamentally wrong with the political class both locally and internationally because this is a complete fact known to all people of good conscience but never accepted by the political class in the international arena.

The question is this what did President Barack Obama of United States intend to achieve by ignoring the incessant killings of the Biafrans despite several efforts made by the people to draw his attention to the evil perpetuated by Buhari led government.

What was his reason for supporting the supply of arms to Buhari,  we earlier have proven to the world leaders that any arms given to Buhari to fight Boko Haram is obviously going to be used against the Biafrans because Buhari has said it that the terrorists are his brothers and that any attack on the terrorists is attack against the North that is the reason why he has gradually released all the arrested Boko Haram members and is now using them as herdsmen to continue his wickedness on the Biafrans.

If Buhari was not deceiving the WEST, why is it that after announcing formally that Boko Haram has been defeated, yet Boko Haram is still strong and active. Buhari made the announcement just to show justification for the arms already received from America as aid.

There is yet one thing that is most annoying with the President and his Army, they are so shameless that despite the wholesome shreds of evidence given by the Amnesty International in their report which includes the review of 87 videos, 122 photographs and 146 eye witness accounts and testimonies, the foolish Nigeria army could still come out to say that Amnesty report is not acceptable.

I will not blame the Government and the army who said the report is not true, I blame the so called Elite America that believe their lies.

I am therefore of the opinion that the American government and infact all the government's and world leaders and the United Nation should adopt the Amnesty International report immediately without any further delays and take urgent action to stop this evil dictator called Muhammadu Buhari from continuing the brutal killings of innocent Biafrans without impunity, efforts should be made to see that he is tried for war crimes and related offences against humanity.

Written by Chukwuka Adams
Of IPOB writers


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