Biafrans IPOB with flags

By Ibeh Gift Amarachi

See the scavengers and molesters of Biafra the Eagle that lays the Golden egg,tear themselves apart and strategizing on how to stop the operations in the jungle,but they stand at an attention in deep surprise,seeing the vibrancy and never give up attitude of such unprecedented Braveness and Fearlessness displayed by those who have the Nnamdi Kanu in them. Oh.. How can these scavengers stop Biafrans,they kill and cage, but see Ten Thousand rising above them. When their jihadist master ask why the job of total extermination is not done? He gets an answer KILL ONE BIAFRAN AND TEN THOUSAND EMERGES.

The Killings of a coalition of Lion,can not stop her existence. Caging the Lion King,can not deter the pride and coalition of Lions from devouring their obstacles and achieving their aims. The scavenger can only cage a Lion,but her Followers must continue ruling the jungle. The scavengers called Nigerians,have poured maize on the floor to lure the sabotaging chickens to stop the ordained cause of Biafra the Eagle that lays the golden egg,but she keeps soaring high,to the amazement of the Saboteurs and when they ask of the secret behind the resoluteness,voices roars,KILL ONE BIAFRAN AND TEN THOUSAND EMERGES.

The Lion of the tribe of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu who fought to deliver the Eagle from the evil hunters was caged through the flock of Goats given Grasses to eat,yet there is no capitulation. The scavengers have spent money that can cause a tsunami to stop her means of information Radio Biafra,yet the station keeps resounding and chases evil spirits into a swine of pigs,while they run away.

They have captured and stripped us of our information devices,just to keep us in the dark,while they have their Brown Envelope medias operating,yet the display of resoluteness is seen. See them everywhere,trying to stop the struggle in the jungle,by sending their secret corrupt service men to Maim and Abduct the pride of Lions and when they succeed with ONE,TEN THOUSAND EMERGES.

They have tried mutating the genetic codes of Goats and coined them to become Lions like TRIPOB,REIPOB,RNDA,but nature has raised a standard against them. They have given a flock of Goats the name of a Lion to stop the struggle,yet the entirety of mankind sees the obvious difference and knows a Goat can never be a King. As the evil hunters formulate new names to cause problems in the jungle,they see a rebirth of Ten Thousand. When the evil hunters scream in surprise,voices roars; KILL ONE BIAFRAN AND TEN THOUSAND EMERGES.

The scavengers have hunted Biafrans in their homes,laid ambush and abduct them to unknown dungeons,yet the rebirth of ten thousand Biafrans keeps surfacing. What a resolute and consistent followers,who would not give up like their leader! Tracing the coalition of Lions to their jungle has not deterred others from fighting in the jungle. They keep screaming,BIAFRA OR DEATH. Enemies keep strategising and re-strategising on the possible means of setting a trap or hunting this Brave Lion down yet,they hear voices KILL ONE BIAFRAN AND TEN THOUSAND EMERGES.

They have tried penetrating into the jungle to bring in their divide and rule system,yet the spirit of unity they can't comprehend with,have chased them far away from the jungle. The evil hunters moved further to bribe the Kids of Goats called Ohaneze Youths and Mend to destabilize the jungle with crumbs on the floor,yet the struggle keeps waxing stronger. How can they stop this ordained struggle?

Mama Africa and The entirety of Mankind,whispers to their ears,this Nation being agitated for,is spiritually anchored and can not be stopped. In their stubbornness, they move in their numbers to try a lost battle,but at the end, they fail. When they ask why seeing more numbers surfacing after the Abductions,Maiming and Killings,the formidable voices roars,KILL ONE BIAFRAN AND TEN THOUSAND EMERGES.


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