Meanwhile, the President himself, the one that forgot his certificate with the military without having his own original copy, same day sacked Nigerian police force alleged too much corruption in the force.

I asked are they really working harmoniously or waking up in different country

They've succeeded in making mockery of their own

Biafra Biafra Biafra the land filled with people with great potential, in it begets the most intelligent black nation of the world...

Still been tied by force with this already collapsed entity

A Nation with shameless herdsman  at the seat of power...

Congratulation Mr President cos I've made it in the Guinness book of record as the worst and the most confused president the world have ever seen...

More grease to your nasty elbow

Crown of Shame awaits Nigeria

written by Uzochukwu Timothy

Edited by Uchechi Collins

For IPOB writers


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