Buhari Dullard]

President Buhari has reacted to insinuations that his administration lack an economic team.

The president stated that he is averse to incorporating individuals from the private sector.

According to the President, such persons frequently steer government policies to suit their own narrow interests.

“The Vice-President heads our Economic Management Team.

“You have Finance Minister, Minister for Industry, Budget and Planning Minister.

Then “Trade and Investments, Governor at the Central Bank, National Economic Adviser and others.

“Some still ask for a team. I don’t know how they define the word ‘team.’

“We will listen to everybody.

“However, we are averse to economic team whose private sector members frequently steer government policy to suit their own narrow interests rather than the over-all national interest.

“My wish is that we will truly change the way we do things in Nigeria.

“Therein lies the future of our country as a great entity.

“I also wish for a fully diversified Nigerian economy which is no longer dependent on oil.



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