Biafran in Army uniforms

Biafrans are not cowards and we don't surrender or capitulate to molestations, killings, alien Subjugations and Dominations. In the words of the Leader of IPOB Citizen Nnamdi Kanu "THEY DON'T KNOW WHO WE ARE, ONLY IF THEY DO. WE WILL NOT RELENT UNTIL BIAFRA IS RESTORED. WE MUST CONTINUE ". Quoting the Deputy Leader of IPOB Citizen UCHE MEFOR “WE MUST KEEP KEEPING ON" The word "SURRENDER" was not even in existence amongst Biafrans in 1967-1970 and a prove of it is, the declaration of “NO VICTOR NO VANQUISH". Our Fathers and Grandfathers never surrendered and in the words of the Biafra Veteran General Achuzie,"WE NEVER SURRENDERED AND IF YOU CLAIM WE DID, PROVIDE THE DOCUMENTS". If our Fathers refused to capitulate, then the Biafran Freedom fighters of this generation WILL NOT RETREAT NOR SURRENDER.

Biafrans have giving up their various jobs, all for the Biafra struggle. Those working with the Nigeria Government have being forcefully resigned and sacked, for propagating this very gospel. Those of us still working, are being frustrated with no payment of salaries. The Biafran people have sold their personal properties to facilitate the Biafra struggle and have nothing left, thus retreating is cowardice and insane. They have forcefully taken away our cars with Biafra Flags, stripped us naked for putting on Biafra themed attires, beat us to pulp for having Radio Biafra Application on our Phones, Kidnapped us from our Homes for being in the Biafra struggle, but WE WILL NOT RETREAT NOR SURRENDER.

Thousands of Biafrans have been molested and killed with impunity. Our homes invaded and we got killed on our sleeping beds. Nigeria Force men have trampled on our human rights by killing us amid provocation, therefore surrendering is cowardice. We have seen the Blood of our Brothers splashed everywhere even on our Heroes day, the Blood of our Fallen Heroes have soaked both tarred and untarred roads. We have pushed the intestines of our Brothers into their abdomens, pull them up from the pool of blood and watch them die in our arms. Our Brothers have been massacred, poured acid on for fast decay and disposed at various mass graves, WE WILL NOT RETREAT NOR SURRENDER.

Retreating at this level is like a sacrilege and an unforgivable taboo, to the Indigenous People of Biafra. The Lion of the Tribe of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu is being incarcerated and on detention, still remains Brave and have showcased unreadiness to negotiate into Anti-Biafra restoration offers. Nnamdi Kanu has been publicly and secretly humiliated for this ordained quest, hence surrendering now is destruction to the hope of the common Man. So many Biafrans are rottening away in detention and charged for treason, all for this struggle, WE WILL NOT RETREAT NOR SURRENDER.

Our Teenage Girls are being Abducted and Defiled by the Hausa/Fulani with impunity. Our Mothers have been raped in the presence of our Fathers with their arms tied at the back. Our Mothers and Sisters are defiled in their Farmland and beheaded by the evil Hitlers from the North and our Fathers massacred in defence of our Mothers, but WE WILL NOT RETREAT NOR SURRENDER.

Britain and Nigeria have exploited and contaminated our Land. Biafra is the source of economy to both Nigeria and Britain, yet we are subdued to perpetual poverty. Our resources is forcefully taken and controlled by aliens. We are facing environmental degradation from our oppressors. Our crops are dying and famine is like our next neighbor. Our Rivers have been contaminated and our Villages stinks from the stench of the dead fishes we feed on, WE WILL NOT RETREAT NOR SURRENDER.

Local and Foreign troops have been sent to our Land, to crush and kill us. Various Islamic Terrorist have being recruited into the Nigeria Force in disguise, with the target of eliminating and clamp down on Biafran people. Fulani herdsmen are being armed with sophisticated weapons and even the road side Hausa/Fulani is well equipped against us. Billions of Dollars meant for our Salaries, have been channelled to Islamic terrorist to stop the Biafra ordained quest, but in all this, we remained Resolute, Formidable and WILL NOT RETREAT NOR SURRENDER.

By Ibeh Gift Amarachi

For Family writers


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