It is commendable that finally a move in the right direction is being made, I will love to use this opportunity to bring to your knowledge facts and reasons that will propel your visit. I have no option because Biafrans have made up their mind that it is either they are given Biafra or their lives are taken. Buhari has shown determination to take their lives and taking it in a significant number, gradually, 70 million Biafrans will finish and Buhari will have nobody to ask him Biafra. In Aba he took scores, in Onitsha he has taken dozens on different occasions.

In Enugu, he is on life taking mission, Portharcourt is the worst, Asaba is also not left behind. The worst aspect of this life taking mission on Biafra is the secret arrest and execution of Biafrans. One truth is 70 million might look impossible but Hitler started this way before 3 million Jews were decimated.

Biafra is a sovereign state that existed three years before it was forcefully re-annexed in 1969 to 1970 when the civil war ended. In the process of this annexation, Nigeria committed the most gruesome genocide on African soil that was concealed through the help of Britain, Britain in an effort to evade complicity in the act, they fought fervently and up till date, nobody was held to account or prosecuted for the murder of over 5 million Biafrans and sadly over 1.5 million children starved to death. This left a scar of conspiracy on Biafra, we today believe that the world is opposed to our existence.
After the civil war which was declared no victor’ no vanquish in an effort to furnish the ego of Biafrans who rather die than give up on anything they decide to embark on. I assure you that even today they have embarked on Biafra once more; you will kill all Biafrans to stop Biafra. The federal government of Nigeria refused to end the war, the difference between the civil war and the model of war federal government engaged afterwards is, guns talked in civil war but the war of today, gun is silent.

The war was narrowed down to marginalization, political subjugation, economic negligence, infrastructural battle and which left the people of Biafra dying in an effort to cross the Mediterranean Sea. The People of Biafra left their home to foreign land because our land became a conquered land and the government of Nigeria was only concerned about taking the spoils of war. Lifting crude oil at the detriment of the people and leaving the land in decay. Suffering and hardship and hunger became the order of the day, oil spill brought to an end the means of survival of the people of Biafra. Indeed Biafra land is a conquered land and used for the development of Nigeria.

There is no nationhood and it would be self-deceit saying that Nigeria is a country; Nigeria is divided already even though the unity is sustained with the blood of innocent people while politicians smile and say everything is alright. There is need to sincerely approach the call for self-determination and understand that referendum is the only way to show maturity and give humanitarian assistant before decimation of people is completed.

As you visit Buhari, it is pertinent to explicitly bring to your knowledge what is on ground to avoid being misled by the pages of Nigerian newspapers that failed integrity test. Niger Delta militants are not militants but freedom fighters. The youths in that part of Biafra took up arms as their only way of agitation and have solely asked for the restoration of Biafra. I will not digress further to remind you that their core demand is for the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra to be released and given Biafra.

Nigeria cannot stay together any longer and having accepted that fact, Buhari has promised to drown everybody instead of allow referendum, the barbarian statement must be averted as it is our collective responsibility to avert bloodshed on the soil of Africa and the world at large. Referendum has always been the solution to this kind of issue which is even epitomized by UK desire to leave. If strong EU can succumb to referendum for Uk, why must Buhari be bigger than international laws and obligations. We must not keep quiet and watch the people of Biafra come under genocide as it played out in 1967.

Buhari has failed completely to unite Nigeria even in the face of the renewed agitation for Biafra; he has helped Nigeria divide significantly by arresting and detaining the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra instead of engaging him in dialogue. He has also divisively made appointments which points to the direction that Biafra is not part of Nigeria; hence Biafra was not represented in his appointments so far. He has made policies that are anchored on hatred and self-serving and they have only shown to us that without Biafra, all hope will be lost and hence it became “Biafra or death”.

Finally, there is no effort that can make Nigeria stand with Biafra, the center cannot hold again and things fall apart. There is suspicion that giving Biafra fair treatment would inspire them to ask for Biafra hence she is marginalized and subjugated. Biafra has become a religion and the people are fanatical about it. Countless people have died and keep dying, countless locked up and still incarcerated, for how long shall it continue this way? There is no sign of prevarication on the side of Biafrans and even the military action against us has only motivated us. In the end, there is no option left but for referendum to be called and unanimous decision reached through that means.

Written by Ifeanyi Chijioke
Published by Family Writers


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